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Friday Confessions

Happy Friday, yall! Another glorious cap to the work week is upon us, and I'm not complaining one bit. I didn't have Monday off, but the military gets Columbus Day off so this week has felt a little extra special. Having the husband home on a Monday just kicks things off on a good note. We are keeping it nice and easy on the blog today with these Friday confessions...

I confess... Dancing With The Stars sucks me in every season. If you are not team Bindi this year, I have a feeling you might be disappointed come finale night. I can't see how she wouldn't win at this point and would be really disappointed if she didn't. She just radiates positivity and is so fun to watch! If you didn't see her tribute dance to her most memorable year, you can bawl your eyes out while watching it here. All the feels!

I confess... The Aggies are currently 5-0, and it's a beautiful thing. Few things excite us more than watching Texas A&M football games. We play Alabama this week which will easily be the toughest game so far. Here goes nothing!

I confess... I discovered something wonderful on my latest visit to The Dollar Tree. Books! They have books for $1, and they actually have some really great choices! My inner bookworm was doing the happy dance.

I confess... I reviewed The Lucky One in my latest Recent Reads post and mentioned I was nervous to watch the movie for fear of disappointment. Sure enough, it was pretty disappointing. I thought the acting was really poor and the story was so underdeveloped compared to the book. I know books are usually better than the movies, but I was still so bummed! Parker didn't read the book but didn't care for the movie either. Sad day. 

I confess... I saw this pilot meme the other day and just nodded in silence. This is so, so true. 

Yall go out there and make it a great weekend!


Jen said...

Haha that pilot meme is too funny! :) I hope you have a great weekend sweet friend.

Lisa C said...

I'm a big fan of the $1 coloring books at the Dollar Tree, haha.

Bailey Kay said...

I am so team Bindi, even though I haven't really been watching this season. I did watch her tribute to her dad and bawled my eyes out!

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about the movie! I pretty much always feel this way though when a book is turned into a movie. The book is always better!

Stephanie said...

TEAM BINDI! She is just sooo much fun to watch. I want her to be my friend.


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