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Nashville | Part 2

I blogged about part 1 of our little Nashville adventure last week and am excited to wrap up with part 2 today! I'm going to preface this post just like I prefaced the last one. Nashville is the coolest city!

Part 2 of our trip was pretty much centered around the Aggies (ahhh, perfection). Here's what our last couple of days in the music city looked like...

After a quick lunch at Robert's Western World Friday and some R&R at the hotel that afternoon, we were rejuvenated and ready to conquer the night!

Friday evening, Parker's parents drove up to spend the remainder of the trip with us! We still had my twin and brother in law, and Parker's sister and her husband would be joining us Saturday. We got to see so much family in this 4 day stint...winning!

After another yummy dinner, this time at Tin Roof, we walked around Broadway before heading to midnight yell. Midnight yell is an Aggie tradition where Aggies gather at midnight the night before a football game. It's been too long since we all got to experience a midnight yell, so knowing the yell leaders were going to be in Nashville to lead a yell practice had us beyond excited.

We arrived at Wildhorse Saloon for midnight yell between 9-10 PM. We had some time to kill until midnight, but thank goodness we arrived early! The building reached capacity way before midnight yell started, and there were Aggies wrapped clear around the building that weren't able to get in. Gotta love Aggie dedication!

We found a few friends and line-danced the evening away until it was time for the yell leaders to make their grand entrance!

Saturday was game day! Since the game was in the evening, we had the day to spend with family before heading to the stadium. My mother-in-law (Leigh) put together a special Thanksgiving lunch for all of us, which was beyond amazing. Thanksgiving was still a week away, but Parker and I knew we weren't going to get to spend it with family, so to get a bonus Thanksgiving with our family was a gift!

I also got to meet my adorable fur niece, Marley! She couldn't be any cuter, and I cannot wait for her to meet Jenny. Jenny girl is going to love having another cousin!

Love my Phelps family! These people are pure gold- so lucky to have married into such a wonderful group!

It was a 6:30 PM game, so we had a little down time to let our food settle before it was time to head to the stadium. We had nice weather most of our trip in Nashville, but we knew this evening would be the coldest yet. Yall, cold doesn't even begin to describe it. We all bundled up with layers upon layers upon layers and headed to the stadium. Aggie game day had finally arrived!!

We sat with Danielle and Logan, and Parker's family sat in a different section. I have to give credit to Logan for the awesome seats. They really couldn't have been better! We were on the 48 yard line in row 6, but the cool thing about the Vanderbilt stadium is that it's pretty small compared to a lot of college football stadiums, so the seats felt so close to the field. When the Ags walked out onto the field, we were totally star struck!

So here is my claim to fame: since we were so close, the players could hear and see us if we yelled at them. I waved like an idiot when Kevin Sumlin, our head coach, looked in my direction, and we made eye contact for a solid 3 seconds. It might as well have been Taylor Swift- I thought this was too cool! And then, at the end of the game, I waved at Miles Garrett (defensive end), and he waved back. My little Aggie dreams have officially come true!

The night air was absolutely freezing, but we were just so happy to be at an Aggie football game. Even if our faces turned blue and we didn't have feeling in our fingers and toes, we were not leaving that game! Aggies really showed up too! Apparently Texas A&M fans outnumbered Vanderbilt fans 2:1 in their own stadium. With how many Aggies we saw walking up and down Broadway (the main street) the days prior and how much maroon we saw in the stands, I can totally believe it. We were all so bundled that you really couldn't tell which team we were rooting for, but we tried to yell loud enough for those Aggies to make up for it!

Texas A&M ended up winning 25-0, and singing the school song with hundreds of other Aggies at the end was one of my favorite moments of the trip. I love our school. I love our traditions. I love being a part of the Aggie family. It was the perfect ending to the perfect trip with the people I love!


Emily Stewart said...

Jealous party of me! This looks awesome and bonus points for having eye contact with Sumlin! Hahaha! Glad you all had fun!

Tammy Jo said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Jen said...

You guys always look like you are having the best time! I love it! :)

Janelle Cook said...

How fun!! Sounds like a fabulous trip overall! :)

Alia said...

aww, how much fun! and yall look so cute in your gear for the game :)

Kait said...

Ah! It looks like your trip was an absolute blast..Nashville is a city I've always wanted to visit!

Semper Ag said...

There is nothing I love more than Aggie football in the Fall!!!!!!!!!! We represent!!!

Lisa C said...

I love away games (except for the fact that we've lot every one I've gone to).

Stephanie said...

So much fun! That is so great to be able to see them on the road! I wish that Clemson played more in the midwest so I could do that!


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