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Let's Talk About Our Eyes

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I've always tried to take care of my body. It's the only one I have, after all! I try to eat relatively healthy and exercise almost daily, and I'm a big advocate for keeping SPF on my skin during those summer months. Up until recently, the one aspect of my body I let fall by the wayside is my eyes. 

I went to the eye doctor as a kid but took about a 10 year break thereafter. It just wasn't on my radar. I never had perfect vision, but frankly I thought the issues with my eyes were weird, and I had no idea how to describe them. I could see almost 20/20, but other factors told me there was something off. When I went to 3D movies, nothing jumped out. It was like watching any old movie. I also knew my depth perception was poor. 

In addition to the 3D thing and poor depth perception, my eyes have always been a huge source of insecurity for me. I can only use one eye at a time, and if I rely on the wrong one, my other eye turns severely inward, making me look cross-eyed. 

Fast forward to finally taking myself to the eye doctor, and he was able to diagnose me after a few quick tests. I have alternating esotropia, a condition where I alternate fixation between my right and left eyes. If I use my right eye, my left eye turns inward, and vice versa. In my case, using my right eye only causes my left eye to turn slightly and be hardly noticeable, so I use it exclusively and don't ever alternate to my left. Since I only use one eye at a time, depth perception is out the window, which explains why I can't appreciate 3D images.

Not only did this doctor diagnose something that has been a mystery to me my entire life, but he informed me that there is actually a surgery that can fix it. In a few years, I won't be a candidate for the surgery anymore, so seeing the doctor early was huge. Parker and I are discussing the option of surgery now, but the point is, thanks to going to the eye doctor, we have that option.

Eyes are so often neglected, but I am a huge advocate for eye checks given my history. I am excited to introduce you all to Think About Your Eyes, a national public awareness campaign that promotes the benefits of eye health. Just like our other muscles, our eyes need regular care to maintain maximum performance, and getting annual comprehensive eye exams can make a huge difference.

By getting that annual eye exam, eye problems can be detected at their early stages when they're most treatable. Visit the Think About Your Eyes eye care professional locator to find an eye doctor near you and schedule an exam.

I need to keep my eyes strong so I can stare at this furry girl all day. ;)

Have you been to the eye doctor recently?

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Jen said...

I am all about taking care of my eyes. I wore contacts/glasses until I was 26 and then I had LASIK. I make sure I get my eye exams because you just never know what could happen.


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