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The Boy Behind The Blog: Pregnancy 2.0

I realized the other day that it has been a sweet forever since I did a "Boy Behind The Blog" post. I just plum forgot about them! I always love coming up with questions and hearing Parker's answers, so today the boy behind this blog is here to talk about the biggest thing going on in our little world: pregnancy. 

Questions and answers (my responses to his answers are in gold): 

What has surprised you the most about pregnancy?
Finding out while I was away- that's definitely been the biggest surprise!
You can imagine what a surprise that Facetime call was. There was no other way to do it but just to spring it on him!

What has been the best moment so far?
Watching Chelsea with Emmett and knowing how good she will be at being a mom. She's the best auntie so I can't wait to see how sweet she is to our own child. 
He's so sweet. Emmett is my 6 week old nephew, and I've gotten to spend so much wonderful time with him. It's been the best practice for when our own little guy makes his debut!

What has been your least favorite moment?
Not being there, easily. Do you know how hard it is to fetch your wife food from 6000 miles away? Practically impossible.

Who do you think he will look like?
I'm going to go with Chelsea just because Emmett looks so much like Danielle. 
Emmett is a spitting image of my twin sister, so if our baby looks like me, the two cousins will probably look really similar! That would be fun! I imagine our baby looking just like Parker, which I would love. 

How does this pregnancy feel differently than the first?
Well, Chelsea's gotten a little bigger. It's obviously a lot happier because we haven't found out any terrible news. 
It's been night and day in terms of news. Other than the very first appointment, we haven't received any scary or even slightly nerve-racking news. It's been amazing! And he's right. I barely showed at all with Taylor and that certainly isn't the case here. ;)

That's all folks!


Jen said...

This is such a sweet post! You can tell just how excited he is. :)

Kenzie Smith said...

I absolutely loved reading this ♥ I am so beyond excited for you both!

Bailey said...

I love reading Parker's thoughts on your pregnancy!! :)


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