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Things I Want To Remember: Week 20

Whoaaaaa, we're halfway there! I was singing this line all day Saturday because Saturday officially marked 20 weeks and the halfway point of pregnancy! So crazy/wonderful/eeek! 

1. I had the big anatomy ultrasound this week! Our little guy was measuring perfectly and pretty much right on track! He measured 21 weeks overall with his head measuring 22 weeks. Parker has a big head, yall. It's in the genes! His heart rate was 143 when we started the ultrasound and 146 when we finished. 

2. The ultrasound tech kept commenting on how active our little guy was. She said "Man, he is really kicking you!" to which I responded, "I know, I can feel it" haha. It was cool to see his legs kick on the ultrasound and simultaneously feel it on the inside. His movements still don't necessarily feel like kicks persay, just something moving around in there. 

3. I got on the scale at my appointment and am up 4 pounds this month and 11 pounds overall from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm honestly not too concerned with what the scale says, but I am pleased with the numbers so far and feel good about how I am growing. The doctor said realistically I need to gain another 15 pounds before the pregnancy is over. In my head I thought "oh don't worry, the holidays are coming up". ;)

4. It's officially pretty impossible to hide this bump under clothes. I am 20 weeks pregnant and this big old belly is here to stay! I'm not mad about it. ;)

5. I bought my first pair of maternity pants! And by "I", I mean my mom (thanks mom!). They admittedly are a little big right now, and I am constantly pulling them up, but I think I'll grow into them nicely. The rubber band trick wasn't cutting it with my regular pants, so maybe I am in that in-between stage. 

6. I have been calling the second trimester the "pregnancy sweet spot", and while it has been, this week was tougher than the previous weeks pregnancy-wise. My body is just tired, and I get fatigued so easily lately. I am trying to take it pretty easy and took a few days off from working out this week to let my body rest. Growing a human is work, yall!


Jen said...

Haha the head comment. Emmy always measured ahead too in that area because she got Kyle's large head too (his nickname has always been pumpkinhead lol).

Jen Mc said...

You look wonderful - hang in there. You're already halfway there! :)

Bailey said...

Girl, you can eat ALL the holiday food AND you don't even have to worry about sucking in your food baby because of the real baby! ;)


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