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Hospital Bag Checklist

With the impending arrival of our little guy, Parker has been begging/pleading/ordering me to pack my hospital bag for the past 2 weeks. He asks me about 749 times per day if I packed the darn thing, to which the answer is always "nope!". I have a list on my phone of the necessities and figured packing would be quick, so I put it off. 

Well, this weekend I finally stopped being so darn stubborn and packed the silly thing. Since I am officially 9 months pregnant, it was time, right? I wanted to be careful not to bring everything but the kitchen sink. Whatever I pack, I have to unpack when I get home with a newborn, so I went the minimalist route. My twin sister is also a postpartum nurse and just had my nephew in September, so she gave me the rundown of what I absolutely needed and what the hospital provided. 

So, here's what made the list (or bag, in this case)!


Going home outfit- my son will be going home in the same outfit his 5 month old cousin went home in. It's a sweet little footie outfit that says "Welcome to the world".
Mittens- something to protect his face from those razor sharp fingernails!
Baby book- for his little foot and handprint. Writing in it will also give me something to do if labor takes a sweet forever!


Phone and charger
Laptop and charger
Vaseline- I use this every night to prevent chapped lips
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Face wash/body wash/shampoo- I think it will be nice to have my own stuff
Comfy shorts
Comfy t-shirts
Nursing bras/socks/underwear
Nursing tank top


Baby blankets- I hear the hospital's blankets are just fine, so that's what we will use while at the hospital.
Baby clothes- Other than an outfit to go home in, he can just wear the little hospital t-shirts while we are there. He will be swaddled 99% of the time anyway, so no use dragging his entire wardrobe to the hospital. 
Breast pump- I highly doubt I will have to pump in the hospital, but if I end up staying that long or needing to for another reason, someone can run home and grab it for me. 

Mama friends, I would love to hear any suggestions you have for packing the hospital bag! Did I forget anything big? Unfortunately the hospital said I can't pack Jenny... that was a bummer! ;)


Unknown said...

We're the opposite! I like to think I'm not the crazy mom that just moved in but so not a minimalist, ha! And I already started throwing a few things in since it's looking like there's a really good chance I'll be headed to the hospital on my own and not wanting to pack through labor. Granola bars (I was SO hungry post-labor) and shower shoes were must haves for me. Camera. And hairbrush/straightener so I can take a shower me feel human/not look terrible for the first pictures! So, so excited for you!! Can't wait to read all about it! :)

Kourtney @

Brittney said...

Snacks and quarters for vending machine. When the cafeteria isn't open and you are STARVING you can send hubby down for a drink and snack.

Also, our hospital was weird about clothing and wanted baby clothed! When I had her swaddled in their shirt they kept asking me if I needed baby clothes (they were going to send in a social worker!) so I recommend taking a few gowns in case they press you about it.

Brittney said...

Also lotion! Both my husband and I had THE DRIEST hands ever after washing them all the time. And the hospital only had baby lotion to bring us. We wanted something a little better.

Also, bring your prenatals. They wanted me to continue taking them daily and the ones they gave me upset my tummy. If you're sensitive to that, bring yours!

Unknown said...

We don't have any kids yet, but hoping to start a family soon. But I just wanted to say that I agree with you on the baby blankets and clothes, I probably wouldn't bring those either. I remember going to a friend's baby shower and swaddles were a constant gift. And my mom was telling me that the ones in the hospital will work perfectly! I like the simplicity of what you'll be bringing with you on that day!

Jen said...

I would definitely recommend nightgowns over shorts mostly because your stomach will feel bloated even after baby and gowns are so much more comfortable. Oh and bring your own pillows! It's so much better to have your own, hospital pillows are the worst haha. :)

SCPitzer said...

Congrats on the new baby boy coming soon! From my experience, I recommend taking an extension cord (just a short 5-foot one works) in case the outlets are far from your bed. I guess if you have a really long charger that works too. Also, this isn't really a packing item, but definitely say YES if people offer to bring food to you. Hospital food is only so good, right? My friend picked up a Chick-fil-A sandwich to bring me, and it was like HEAVEN after the hospital food! God bless you on this exciting new chapter!

Katie said...

I didn't use it during labor but I loved having my own pillow in the post-partum room! There wasn't a ton of sleeping going on but when I did get to close my eyes it sure felt good to have my own pillow! I also brought my nursing pillow with both babies.

This seems a little glamorous but I brought my hair dryer with baby #2. I don't like having wet hair (especially in the hospital where it's cold) so it felt good to be able to dry it!

Bailey said...

I have 0 advice on what to pack in your hospital bag, but I've always liked the idea of having my own special playlist of music to listen to during labor and delivery! I heard someone mention once she wanted her baby to come into the world hearing worship music praising Jesus, which I thought was really special and neat!

Emily Stewart said...

Like someone said, I would definitely take your own pillow and Boppy. My mom brought me a blanket from home too which was nice when I could get a few minutes of shut eye.

I really regret not taking other clothes for Sam (probably because I had no premie clothes on hand *eyeroll*) even though he was swaddled the whole time. If/when we have another baby I would definitely take onesies for the baby (just 2-3) and my own swaddle blankets since the hospital ones can be so stiff and not long enough. The muslin kind are perfection!

I lived in in the mesh undies, nursing tanks, a robe and socks. It made it more comfy since you feel so bloated but can easily cover up when people/nurses comes in while also nursing constantly. And yes, hospital grade pumps forever! Do you love my novel?! Sorry friend! I'm getting so so excited for you!

Also, make sure Parker takes your nice camera! I treasured the fact that my sister and Ashley snapped tons of pictures the first few days with the small details so I don't forget!

Unknown said...

I agree with the night gowns and socks. As for the breast pump, I did have to pump since we had latching issues at first. But hospitals have them and the hospital grade ones are more effective and more gentle so you can just use the one there :)

I also took a baby nail file to help with those sharp nails, way easier than clippers I think. I would bring at least one other baby outfit because accidents happen... even as you are walking out the door to go home lol.

Hannah said...

Yay for packing a hospital bag!! You're getting so close! I would suggest a nightgown that is nursing friendly. I lived in mine while at the hospital and it was so much nicer than wearing the hospital gown. It's nice not to have anything tight on your belly and they check you a lot, so there's that. Also, I was happy to have my own socks. And make up if you wear it. It's nice to feel at least a little bit pretty after birthing a child ;) When I fixed myself up, I felt so much better and was happier to have visitors and I felt more like a person rather than a blob. And the hospital's undies? hands down, the best ever. Have fun, have fun! I hope it all goes well!!

Cassie said...

I surprised myself and wore my hospital gown throughout most of my stay. If you think you might want to wear your own clothes, I'd echo that a gown is a great option. I bought a pretty nursing gown and wore it at the hospital and then lived in it the first few weeks at home :) I'd also agree with packing snacks! And lanolin/nipple cream! Good luck, mama! Those first few days with your sweet baby are THE best!

Ps. Like you, I had high fluid and a big (healthy) baby boy! Thinking about you! I've never commented before, but I love your blog!

Sarah said...

I wish I had packed a looser pair of sweatpants so my husband ended up picking up a pair of scrubs for me. The elastic waist sweatpants I brought pressed on my incision and it was pretty painful so drawstring pants were helpful. My feet didn't swell any during pregnancy but they did after the csection from all the fluids. I wished I had packed slippers instead of having to squeeze into my sneakers. Hopefully your home is close enough to the hospital that Parker can run and pick up anything you want/forgot. I'm so excited for you!

Sarah said...

Also! If your hospital lets you, take advantage of taking home any extra huge hospital underwear. ;)

Lolly said...

Bring your Boppy or whatever you plan to nurse with! This was a life saver for me!! Also snacks as someone mentioned is key. But really you need very little. I barely touched my bag. I did bring face wipes for the times I could barely get out of bed to wash my face. Also a light sweater was helpful!

savorsomeday said...

Less is more! Make sure to bring something soft and cushy to sit on for the ride home! :D If you have a vaginal delivery car rides are not so fun for a while. :/

Stumbled upon your blog a while ago. We are not a military family but it is important to see what the families of those we are serving our Country go through! Always enjoy your everyday life posts as well! :D

Congrats on your little one! We have one and another on the way! :D

- Rachel

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