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Crockpot BBQ Ribs

Parker is like every other man in America and loves BBQ ribs. I didn't really have any experience cooking ribs, so I turned to my trusty crock pot for an easy out. All I can say is yum! This recipe passed the husband test with flying colors, and it couldn't be easier to prepare. 3 ingredients anyone?

3-4 lb. rack of ribs
2 onions, sliced
40 oz BBQ sauce
Optional- a dash of salt and pepper

1. Slice ribs into serving-size pieces and place into crockpot along with other ingredients. Cook on high for 1 hour.
2. Reduce heat setting to low and cook 8 more hours.

Yep, it's that easy. These ribs are so tender and fall right off the bone. I highly recommend!


Amanda said...

These look delicious! Thank you for linking up with us today. Crockpots are much harder to come by in England than in America and I miss the one I used to have at home. I'd love to put some ribs in before heading to work and then come home to those! xx

bailey dailies said...

Thanks for linking up today! This looks so easy!


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