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Pensacola House Tour

We have lived in Florida going on 14 months, and I have yet to take any pictures of our house (wrist slap). I thought this week I would change that and give you all a little tour of our humble abode. This was our first house together, so I think it will always be special to us! I mean how often is it that you get to have four palm trees in your front yard?!

Knowing we wouldn't be here long (we should be gone within the next couple of months), we rented. We tried to decorate it fully to our liking, but we made no changes to floors, wall colors, etc. We just didn't see the point of spending money on something that wasn't ours. While there are definitely a few cosmetic things we would change, we absolutely love this house.

Living Room:

We spend the majority of our time in our living room. We love having movie nights or catching up on our favorite shows, and we like just chilling on the couch together. From time to time we may also engage in an intense game of Cribbage, Jenga, or Taboo. 

My Office:

This is where I spend 8-5 M-F. Glamorous, huh? I am blessed to work from home and can do most of my job from my computer. This is also where Jenny spends most of her time. We are best girlfriends so we have to hang out. I actually think she thinks this is her room. When we give her a treat, she usually runs to my office to gobble it down, even if I'm not in there. This is also where our world map is. We are excited to add another star to it very soon!

Parker's Man Cave:

This room is completely decorated by Mr. Parker Phelps himself. This is where he studies and plays video games. Yes, it bares similarity to a college dorm room.

Guest Bath:

This is the guest bathroom located right between my office and Parker's man cave. There isn't much exciting about this room, except for the fact that the walls are brighter than the sun. Again, we didn't change any paint colors. We don't have a lot of guests, so this is Jenny's bathtub when she needs a good scrubbing.

Kitchen/Dining Room:

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and I must say I absolutely LOVE this kitchen! There is more cabinet space than I know what to do with and it's a really open space. The dining room is a little sparse. Parker built this table months ago, but we haven't decided on any chairs yet. My favorite feature of this little room is the picture frame hanging above the baker's rack. My favorite verse, Jeremiah 29:11 is written on it, and my mom had one growing up in the exact same spot in our family's kitchen. We either eat at the bar in the kitchen or on the coffee table, but the dining room table has proven quite useful for football parties with more food than any group of people should eat in one sitting.

Master Bathroom:

I really like our bathroom. It's much larger than what we had in Texas, it has two sinks, and the shower rocks. The bathtub is also a nice little edition. I made those three picture frames above the tub not long after we got here.


This is my favorite room in the house. We hardly ever watch TV in our bedroom, and this is where we can just unwind and have us time. We share our high/low of the day before we go to bed. I think it's my favorite room because we don't spend a lot of time in here, so it's special to me. Sure, this is where we spend every evening, but our days are spent in the various other rooms of the house. I also love the french doors that lead out to our deck. Parker built all of the furniture in our room, including the jewelry armoire he gave me for my birthday. The room is ours and we love it!


The backyard is great for entertaining, throwing the football, and shooting things with Parker's pellet gun (if you look really closely, you can see a beer can with more bullet holes than we can count sitting on a tree limb on the far left in the top picture. We keep it classy). But mostly, this is Jenny's turf. This is where she sniffs all the wonderful smells and barks at the squirrels that get too close. She has also been known to dig up moles and proudly bring them to her humans. I promise despite her face in this picture, she is actually a very happy pup.

So there you have it! It's not the Taj Mahal, but this is our home and we absolutely love it.


Emily Stewart said...

I love this post because I love this house! So many good memories with game nights, football parties fully packed with gluttonous people (sorry I'm not sorry) and one fun Christmas party :)

Unknown said...

Who said you could enter the man cave?????

Katherine Newsom said...

This is a great rental house! I wish it was possible to find a small place like that in Virginia, or North Carolina, but now in California we have a little 2 bedroom house that's nice :) It feels so good to actually be in a house! glad you enjoyed it!

Samy said...

Hi... This house is very beautiful. all interior design is so simple and amazing. I like all of the furniture and floor. I like this type of colonial houses. keep visiting and updating us.


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