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Oh College: 10 Things I Learned

It's that time of the year again where students are going back to the wonderful place that is college for the spring semester. I'm. So. Jealous. College was, simply put, the best, and I'd go back in a heartbeat! Life after college is wonderful too and all the excitement that came with getting a job, getting married, thinking about kids, and all that jazz, but there is something so fantastically wonderful about the college life. 

I got to reminiscing the other day about the things I learned while living the college life. Everyone tried to give me so much advice going into college, but let's be honest, I didn't heed much of it. I was 18, which translates to "all-knowing" to said 18 year old. Now that I am in the real world, I realize that I was not, in fact, a genius at 18.

Texas A&M, you were too good to us. 
1. Now that high school sports are over, there is no one making you go to the gym. They don't call it the "Freshman 15" for nothing. Make friends with the gym, preferably before the extra poundage shows up.

2. Studying should be treated like a job rather than a recreational activity. Sorry Dad, I should have listened. 

3. Ugg boots and shorts is the most ridiculous combination one can fashion. When it's 30 degrees in January, do not wear Nike Shorts and Ugg boots to class and consider yourself dressed. Just don't. Side note: for those who despise wearing jeans like I do, you're going to try the shorts in winter thing, and you're going to freeze. It won't be worth it. 

4. Getting to know the professor can actually make a difference come grades time. Also, professors are usually really, really nice.

5. Having to give a speech in front of your entire freshman communications class won't actually kill you. It almost will, but it won't.

6. Telling the cop you were speeding because you were late to class will never work. Even if it's true, you'll still get a ticket... and be late to class. 

7. There is no such thing as "popular" in college. Once you survive high school, the cool thing to do is to be yourself. Revolutionary and so refreshing.

8. Skipping class seems like the best idea ever until all of those "we discussed this exclusively in class" questions show up on the test. Then, not so much. 

9. Even though it feels like you have all of this responsibility and you are carrying the world on your shoulders, it's not all bad. The real world = responsibility. You'd gladly take those college days back in exchange for business meetings and utility bills. 

10. Spending $500+ on textbooks is painful, and you would have cut that bill in half had you rented the textbooks. College goers, check out Campusbookrentals.com to get up to 90% off the new price, free shipping both ways, and flexible rental periods. Coming from someone who spent thousands of dollars on textbooks, I am kicking myself for not discovering the renting world until my senior year. It's a game changer. 

What did the college life teach you?
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Amy said...

yes, yes, YES to #10!!!
I remember my first semester in college the books were like over $700.
i just stared at the women with fearful eyes haha.

Ashley said...

I started renting my textbooks my 2nd semester of college. It was such a blessing.

Cheri @ Overactive Blogger said...

College life taught me that cokes and Cookout Milkshakes does not a diet make!

Ali said...

Yes, go to class! You're paying for it, so you might as well sit there for an hour.

Also, make friends with your college advisor. I wish I would have seen that lady more than once, she probably would have steered me in some really good directions!

Stephanie said...

Yes to all of this. I would also say that saving money topped the list on things I learned. My two words of wisdom I tell students when advising them is 1)look for additional scholarships (I think most people stop looking after their in college. There are soooo many dollars left untouched out there because no one is applying. 2) practice your academic material like you practice for sports. You wouldn't run a marathon without running once in awhile and you don't run a million 5ks the night before the race. Why do you think you can approach studying that way and cramming be effective? I miss being a college student, but the next best thing is working with college students!

Elizabeth said...

Never spend money at the bookstore! Last semester I HAD to spend money there (a lot of it) because a professor wrote his own notes and required us to have them printed. But of course, we had to buy his notes from the book store and could not print them ourselves. Ugh!

Ladonna said...

Yes, books are super expensive. And I did find that I had some great profs.

Bailey Kay said...

See, I would have gone the opposite route and said don't study TOO much. I graduated with a 3.91 GPA (All A's except for 3 B's) but sacrificed friendships because of it. Turns out, my employer isn't really THAT interested in my GPA, as long as it's decent. So, I would tell 18 year old me to have some fun!

Anonymous said...

Great post, my degree was in recreation so our studying was mainly... recreational haha so corny. Love the post though!

Unknown said...

This is my first semester not being in college and it's so bittersweet! I miss some things about it, but then again I'm glad to be done. Many of the points you made are so very true!


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