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The Boy Behind The Blog: February Edition

It's been a few months since Parker graced the blog, so I thought it was high time that husband of mine made an appearance. I came up with a few random questions and always enjoy the answers that this man comes up with. So enough from me, here's a word from the boy behind the blog.

Questions and Answers (my responses to his answers are in gold):

1. If you had to give up playing golf or reading/watching Game of Thrones for a year, which would you give up?
Hmm, I guess I would give up reading/watching Game of Thrones for a year because I can continue to get better at golf whereas there is no new material for Game of Thrones until 2016. 
We always say Parker has a one track mind because he really does. When he gets into something, it's all he wants to do or talk about. Right now, those somethings happen to be Game of Thrones and golf. The man is obsessed. 

2. What is your favorite blog post that has gone live on this blog?
I remember thinking our first video log was kind of funny, but other than that I can't think of any specific ones. I like them all. 
That video log was rough. We've only ever done 3 total, but we did have a lot of fun filming it! It's here if you'd like to watch: Our First Vlog

3. What is your least favorite TV show that Chelsea has ever been hooked on? You can't say The Bachelor... or The Bachelorette. 
Dance Moms, that's easy. Why would anyone make themselves watch that show?
I used to love this show because I loved watching all of the dances, but the fighting and the drama got to be too much, so I don't watch it anymore. My little sisters danced when they were little, and I loved going to their recitals and watching their dances. The dancing aspect of Dance Moms was so fun to watch, but the drama and hate was unbearable. 

4. What is your ideal date night?
Dinner and a show/movie, and who doesn't like ice cream to top it off?
This is why we work. 

5. If you could go back in time, where would you travel to?
Can I go back to Game of Thrones time? What do you mean Game of Thrones isn't real? Kidding aside, I would go back in Biblical times just to see everything with my own eyes. 
I'm just going to side step the Game of Thrones answer. Geez louise. 

6. In honor of Valentine's Day, what is your favorite love song?
Then by Brad Paisley
Fun fact: this was our first dance song at our wedding. We still get up and dance to it anytime it comes on Pandora at the house. Love the lyrics!

That's all folks! 

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Unknown said...

The Bachelor? Yes. Dance Moms? Yes. My hubby won't watch either though, so lucky you! :)

Kourtney @

Janelle Cook said...

Haha, Dance Moms is totally my guilty pleasure show. I binge watch it online every one in a while... and Dan watched an episode with me and declared that he doesn't like Maddie but that it's an awful show. Haha!

Emily Stewart said...

I'm so behind on commenting but this is hilarious. The Stews are all about Game of Thrones (though probably not as much as Parker) so we shall discuss when the new season comes on!

Jen said...

He chose a great song! :)

Bailey Kay said...

Oh Dance Moms...

Bailey Kay said...

Oh Dance Moms...

Semper Ag said...

I love that Brad Paisley song!!!


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