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Favorite Activities With The Furballs

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If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know we are pretty obsessed with the furballs in our lives. Jenny and Darla have our hearts, and now that the weather has finally warmed up, I feel like we are getting to enjoy them so much more. They are both southern pups at heart and will lay out in the sun for hours if you let them. They love being outside and active, and we love coming up with fun activities to do together as a family. 

I thought I would share some of our favorite Springtime activities to do with our dogs. Sure these things can be enjoyed sans your furry ones, but they just make the experience richer. 

Go boating

Get to the nearest marina, rent a boat, and enjoy a beautiful day with your pup. We took Jenny boating in Pensacola and had the best time! Once we got over the fear that she would jump out and drown (a very real fear that never really subsided until we were back on land), we had a great afternoon cruising through the water. Jenny isn't the biggest fan of swimming, but she loved the big boat and even dabbled in a bit of driving.

Go on a hike

This is something we love to do with Jenny. Darla is a little small for hikes, and her baby legs will get tired pretty quickly, but Jenny will hike all day. It's just a nice change of scenery and a good little work-out for the humans while being a blast for the pups, so it's a win-win. 

Go to the beach

If you live near a beach, take your pups! They love galavanting through the ocean and rolling around in the sand. Get ready for the mother of all baths when you return home, though. 

Change up your normal walking route

We are big into walks in this house. The pups know when it's time for their walk each day and nothing gets them more excited. I try to change up the route to keep them guessing and provide them with a plethora of new smells to enjoy. It all smells the same to me, but apparently they just have to sniff each and every patch of grass before we can move on. These are the faces of pups who appreciate a nice stroll every now and then...

Have a backyard pupper picnic

Since they love the sunshine so much, sometimes I like to bring a big blanket out there with a few treats and just enjoy the afternoon with them. Darla will snuggle with me on the blanket as long as I sit there, and Jenny will take on the role of protecting us from certain danger in the form of squirrels and small birds.

We are big into treats in our house. I brought along a new product I found at Walmart, Nudges® Sizzlers and Grillers, because I thought they would be perfect for an outdoor picnic. The Nudges® brand is all about rewarding the unconditional love our pups give us with a brand I know I can trust. Call me a helicopter dog mom, but the first thing I do when I buy new treats is make sure real meat is the first ingredient. I don't want to feed them a bunch of junk, and their health is really important to me. Nudges® Sizzlers and Grillers both have meat as the primary ingredients, and our girls absolutely loved the chicken, steak, chicken bacon, and beef & cheese varieties. We give treats because we want our dogs to know we love them and are proud of them. We expect good behavior and for them to carry out the training we have taught them, and this is how we reward that.

To create your own pupper picnic, head on over to Walmart and look for this aisle:

What are your favorite outdoor activities with your furballs? Do you have a favorite treat for your pup?

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Jen said...

I wish Emma liked the water lol she hates it.

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Such great ideas! Love your pups! Come link up!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Amy said...

i love all of those things, so adding a pup to it = yes!

Ladonna said...

I loved hiking with my dog.

Stephanie said...

Hikes are our favorite thing! Crosby loves water and will jump right in; whereas Grace wont even let her paws get wet in fear. Ours like to sunbath in the backyard too. Also I love Jenny's facial expressions.

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