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Our First Visitors!

This weekend was really exciting for our little home. We had the pleasure of hosting Parker's grandparents (Daddy Pete and Nellie) in our new house! We are absolutely in love with where we moved and couldn't wait to show them what life looks like down here. 

They are such precious people and really went with the flow this weekend. As luck would have it, Parker had duty a lot of the weekend. Friday evening, the three of us went to our favorite local eatery for fish tacos while Parker finished up a flight. When he got home, they gifted us the BEST housewarming gifts!

I am excited to put my jewelry in that beautiful silver tray and beside myself about the guest book. Funny story: I was driving home from the grocery store Friday afternoon kicking myself for not ordering a guest book. I wanted a record of everyone who visited us to look back on one day and realized that no matter what, I wouldn't have one in time for Nellie and DP's visit. When I opened this gift, I gave Nellie the biggest hug! These gifts came from Lifeway, so naturally I thought of Bailey and her #lifewaylife. 

Saturday, Parker was itching to get in the shop with Daddy Pete. Parker adopted his love of woodworking from Daddy Pete and learned it all from him, so it was so neat to see them getting to work together. They didn't have time to build anything, but they had fun putting together the new jointer Parker got for his birthday. 

While the boys were busy, the girls went shopping. It's only natural. I was so happy to have Nellie in town to help me decorate! We scored some good finds at Hobby Lobby and had a great morning. When it comes to house decor, I really need someone to just tell me what to do. A decorator, I am not.

When we returned home, I got in some good time with my girls. Since I work from home, the three of us are so used to being together. I miss them when I am gone! Pathetic, party of one.

Saturday afternoon, Parker had to head to base to do some things, but it ended up working out perfectly. The three of us tagged along and got a tour of the base and the C2. No matter how many times I go, it never gets old seeing Parker in his element. Love that pilot man.

Parker wanted to show Nellie and Daddy Pete how all of the gear worked, so somehow I got volunteered as the model. Let's talk about how sweaty that helmet was. Actually, let's not. That might be a little gross.

All geared up and ready to fly!

The plan was to cook dinner Saturday night, but it ended up being too late when we finished at the base, so we took them to our favorite local restaurant... Chilis. We couldn't help it!

We had so much fun hosting them and spending quality time together. It was a very special weekend!

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Ashley said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! And I had never thought of a guest book for your house. What a neat idea!

Jen said...

The first visitors in a new home are always the best! :) So glad you had a great weekend with them. :)

Janelle Cook said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend and a great time with your first visitors there!! :)

Bailey Kay said...

HAHAH laughing so hard about your shout out to my hashtag. So glad you had a great weekend!


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