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Mama To Be Care Package

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and healthy mama® , but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #gethealthymama

Since the title of this post could lead you to think otherwise, I'll start by saying that I am not pregnant. But, I think the rest of the world might be. We are in the season of life where many of our friends are having babies, and it's such a fun, special time. Four years ago, it seemed like everyone was getting married, and now, it's babies!

I remember how simultaneously thrilling and terrifying pregnancy can be. There is nothing quite like knowing you are growing a life, but honestly, sometimes it feels like that's all you know. Being pregnant for the first time is a whole new experience that brings on a slew of unknowns. Count on pregnancy to bring out the hypochondriac in you. 

With all of this in mind, I decided to put together a mama to be care package. These are all items that I think are so helpful, especially in the first trimester. The first trimester is filled with tons of questions, anxiety, and changes, and hopefully these items will bless that new mama while she grows her sweet baby. 

So what's in the care package? I went with a few items that were life savers for me as well as some new products that will be perfect for the new mama to be. I found most of these at my favorite store (Target, of course) along with about 10 other miscellaneous items that crawled into my cart when I wasn't looking. A Saturday morning spent at Target is a Saturday morning well spent. Am I right?

1. Prenatal vitamins. This one is a given. A pregnant mama needs her prenatal vitamins. 

2. Water bottle. When you are pregnant, you basically need to be drinking water like it's your day job. A cute new water bottle will make becoming a human camel a little bit easier.

3. healthy mama® Tame the flame. I discovered healthy mama® this past Target run and grabbed these for heartburn relief. Heartburn during pregnancy is no joke, my friends. 

4. healthy mama® Boost it up. This is a caffeine free protein energy drink specifically formulated for pregnant and nursing mamas. This is a great pick-me-up when a nap might not be feasible. I experienced the exhaustion more in the second trimester, but I think I was weird on that. Exhaustion typically peaks in those first few weeks of pregnancy, and Boost it up will become your close buddy.

5. Journal. I love this "Rejoice & Be Glad" journal I spotted at Target. Such a good reminder, especially if pregnancy sickness has taken over. Plus, the journal will be perfect to jot down bumpdates and fun pregnancy memories. If you don't, the memories may disappear forever. Pregnancy brain is a real thing, yall. 

6. Sports bra. This padded sports bra is perfect. Not only are your boobs growing faster than the speed of lightning, but they are oh so sore. A comfy sports bra with a little added support will go a long way. 

7. Rubber bands. Call me crazy, but this is one of my favorite early pregnancy items. When your belly is growing but not quite big enough to warrant maternity pants, the rubber band trick will be your new best friend. This is where you take a rubber band and loop it through the button hole of your pants and around the button to give yourself a little more room to expand. When I was pregnant, I wore 3 rubber bands on my arm at all times. One was for my hair, one was for my pants, and the other was in case one of the first two got lost. Now that I think about it, 3 might have been overkill. 

8. Coconut oil. This can be great to keep those stretch marks at bay. There are a thousand stretch mark remedies out there, but I like that this one is natural and on the cheaper side. 

9. A good book. When you are pregnant, your most important job is to grow that sweet baby. That means taking it easy and listening to your body when it needs a break. Kick up your feet and dive into a new book. 

One thing I noticed this past weekend at Target is that they now have a Pre/Post Natal Care section. healthy mama® has developed a variety of remedies for nausea, aching, heartburn, lethargy, and more that are all included in this new section. I love that these products are specifically designed for pregnant and nursing mamas and are all united under one brand. 

What are some items you would include in a mama to be care package for first time mamas?

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Unknown said...

Hey Chelsea! I am so excited to try out some of these things. My friend at work was just telling me this morning I need to start writing little things down that I will forget. For example, I learned this weekend that when my mom was pregnant with me she ALSO craved lemons with sugar and salt... weird. But I am curious about this healthy mama brand. Where did you find it in Target? I was thinking probably by the pharmacy but I wasn't sure with the energy drink.

For a while those little pregger pops were working wonders for my morning sickness before I was put on medication. Or maybe a book or something for the dad? Kyle is really liking that "what to expect when your wife is expanding"

julie @ said...

What a great idea, and yes, is everyone pregnant or what?!?! Crazy!


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