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Enjoy The Little Moments

This is going to be short and sweet today. It's Monday, which is arguably the most dreaded day of the week. We have a full 5 days of work, stress, and lack of sleep ahead of us before we reach that golden Friday once again. Womp womp womp.

My challenge for you all today is to enjoy the little moments. 

A 5 minute uplifting conversation with a co-worker. 
Hugging your babies goodbye before you leave work.
That barista at Starbucks who complemented your earrings. 
Your dog's tail wagging nonstop as you walk through the door at the end of your day.

There are going to be things to smile about today if you let there be. 

This past weekend, Parker had to go into work every single day. It wasn't the most fun weekend ever, but we got to have a date night on Saturday that completely made our weekend. Just a little dinner and trip to the movies (Mission Impossible 5- go see it now) completely rejuvenated us and gave us something to smile about. It's easy to focus on the fact that he was gone more than he was home this weekend, but the little moments we did get together made it all worth it. 

There are going to be so many little moments worth enjoying today. Take a deep breath and go conquer Monday like a boss! (If I could insert a fist pump emoji here, I totally would). 


Jen said...

Thank you for this! I really needed it today. Hugs!

Amy said...

girl yes!
we HAVE to capture those little moments for what they are = ways to brighten our day!
great reminder on this monday morning!

Alia said...

Seriously I love this, and sidenote I HATE that I can't use emoji's while i'm blogging lol!

Semper Ag said...

Awe I love this!! We decided to take the kids bowling today just because it's Monday!

Bailey Kay said...

Thanks for this motivating post! I thought of that Minion photo you shared on Insta a week or so ago, about how there is no cure for Mondays as soon as I walked in the office this morning... But today is going to be a good Monday, because I get to Skype with Andy tonight! We usually Skype on Sunday evenings but he had duty yesterday.

Emily Stewart said...

yes yes yes! thanks for being so uplifting, friend! you're the best! :)

Brendankelly27@gmail said...

Thank you so much. I have been in the hospital for eighty days now and have had 5 surgeries in two weeks...some of them have been emergency so this situation isn't great right now. I miss my boy so much...I've missed so many important events this summer and it's been hard...he started middle school yesterday without me and it hurt my heart so bad...i alao missed his graduation. So, it was nice to come out of major surgery and read this. Thanks for always having a kind heart.

Kelly heybelly.com
Or I know you don't probably like to follow people you blog with on facebook.but if by chance you do, I'm kel!y l. Forbes
Most updates are from family posted on there

Brendankelly27@gmail said...

L.not I lol. Didn't want you to mistake it. And my email is brendankelly27@gmail.com


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