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Life Lately

Summer is winding down, and we are over here trying to soak up what is left of it! Our world has been fairly low-key lately, but honestly, I can't complain one second about that. Here's what 's been going on in our neck of the woods, according to my iPhone (what did we do before those bad boys were invented??):

Between night flights and duty, I've seen less of that handsome husband of mine than usual. A much needed date night was just what the doctor ordered! 

We went to Logan's Roadhouse, and to my delight, they had chicken fried steak on the menu! Yall, I have been searching for a good chicken fried steak since moving to Virginia over a year ago. This plate made me so happy. In the words of Tom Haveford, treat yoself!

We received pictures of the babies we sponsor, which is always a happy mail day! Angel is from the Dominican Republic and Faith is from Kenya. If you're looking into sponsoring a child, we have really loved Compassion International. 

I busted out the new ice cream maker and made my first ever homemade ice cream! This is peanut butter chocolate chip, and our tummies thoroughly enjoyed it.

When Parker has free time (which has been sparse as of late), he can be found in the shop building something. He just bought a respirator for safety and was less than pleased to be photographed wearing it. Apparently sawdust has been linked to cancer, so safety first!

In the world of Jenny, life has been peachy. She spent some time facetiming her cousin Sully. It was a deep, meaningful conversation as usual.

Jenny is also thrilled to announce that the geese have been hanging out by the community pond as of late. I think she would sit here and watch them for hours if I let her. #HunterLife

In other Jenny news, sometimes she gets a piece of turkey dog broken into small pieces in her food. She has now decided to take any kibble she deems an obstacle to reaching the hot dog pieces from her bowl and set it on the ground. Smart, but annoying nonetheless.

And I'll leave you with a picture of a dog using a pillow like a human. 

And that's life lately!


Unknown said...

Haha my dogs use pillows like they are humans too! And that ice cream looks and sounds delish!! (:

Amanda ||

Jen said...

I hear ya about hubby not having much free time. I rarely see Kyle when a unit is here training. However, it makes the time together that much better. :)

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

You made that ice cream?! Delish. So glad you found chicken fried steak! I bet it wasn't as good as it is in the true south. I love that Jenny and Darla skyped. Too cute! Come link up today.

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Brittney said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who lets my dog facetime. :)

Kirst Semler said...

K we have thought about buying an ice cream maker but didn't know if it was cheaper then just buying a gallon of ice cream! Thoughts? It looks super delicious though!

Janelle Cook said...

We sponsor two kiddos through Compassion as well! It's great! :) Also, that ice cream looks and sounds SOOOO good. Yum! I wish I had an ice cream maker, but the last thing I need is another kitchen appliance, haha. I use a respirator too - any time I'm working on anything in the garage! It's kind of annoying (and definitely SO stylish) but worth it!

Bailey Kay said...

I just want you to know we are officially HALFWAY through Monday. Hope you had a happy weekend! (Looks like you did judging by the photos!)

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Your compassion kiddos are adorable! Ours is almost all grown up and through with the program, crazy!

Stephanie said...

I love that Skype your dogs. Our pups use pillows like humans too. Grace also is a big blanket user too. She just nuzzles her way under them.


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