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Friday Confessions

It's Friday! In keeping with tradition here on Anchors Aweigh, here are some confessions from our neck of the woods.

I confess... If you're thinking about a movie date this weekend, go see The Martian or The Intern. Parker and I absolutely loved them both! All the good movies come out this time of year! I really think both should be in the running for Oscars.

I confess... As an extension of my last confession, I told Parker I think it would be really fun to watch all of the Oscar-nominated movies before the Oscars and fill out our ballot. He liked the idea as well, so stay tuned for our Oscar picks in a few months coming to a blog post near you. 

I confess... I am the farthest thing from a make-up guru you can find and barely know how to put the stuff on (although I wish I was better at it), but I recently tried the Younique 3D+ Fiber Lash and quite like it! If you're in the market for new lashes, my friend Hannah has you covered!

I confess... Parents using emojis has got to be one of my favorite things ever. From my dad telling me he had arrived at our lunch date via the spaghetti plate and fork emoji to my mom using all the different hearts she can find, it just makes me smile. 

I confess... This meme has me nodding like a bobble head. Ahh the motherland! Okay, except for the Shiner. I never was able to get on the beer train. 

It's the weekend! Go make it a good one!


Justine said...

My husband is a born and raised Texan (we now live in Indiana) and this couldn't ring truer for him!! Especially Whataburger!! Man- does he miss his triple with cheese and onion rings! ;)

csuhpat1 said...

Need to go see "Creed", a friend a work son wrote and directed it.

Bailey Kay said...

I LOVE Whataburger! When I'm on vacation I look up locations of the nearest Whataburger (and Chipotle) and force my family to go to them. Seriously!

Jen said...

Yes to Whataburger! It's so good.

Lisa C said...

We drove out of our way on the move to Colorado to stop at Whataburger, haha. And I haven't been able to find Blue Bell in stock here. Everyone posting pictures of it in Texas is making me sad.

Janelle Cook said...

I'm glad to heat The Martian was good! I'm in the middle of the book right now for a Book Club I'm in... and can't wait to see the movie after!! :)

Also... I've never been to Whataburger but am stoked to try it when we move to TX next spring! :)

Kenzie Smith said...

We went and saw The Martian last weekend and we loved it! I really do want to see The Intern -- it looks good! That would be so fun to watch all of the Oscar nominated movies!


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