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Friday Confessions

On top of it being Friday, it's also the day before Halloween! Let's all take a moment to pray for the teachers of the world who are surely about to pull their hair out. A bunch of kiddos on the eve of their favorite day- those poor teachers! I'm keeping it short and sweet on the blog today with these 5 confessions...

I confess... Parker and I are dressing up this year for Halloween, and Parker's response to the costumes we chose was "Happy wife, happy life". Needless to say, we will not be Jon Snow and Ygritte from Game of Thrones like he wanted. I'm excited to show our costumes after we wear them tonight, but all I can say is that man is a champ for going along with it! In honor of Halloween, here's a picture from the dating days. We went as Olympians- him a swimmer (Michael Phelps), and me a volleyball player (Misty May Treanor or Kerri Walsh).

I confess... I finished binge watching Pretty Little Liars and am so sad it's over (until season 6, that is). All I have to say is the actress who plays "A" is so talented! I thought she played her so well!

I confess... If I have a choice when booking flights, I always choose Delta. Why? Because they are the only airline that still gives me free pretzels in flight. That 25 cent bag of pretzels produces brand loyalty, apparently. 

I confess... This Target Meme is real life. I love me some Target!

I confess... Halloween makes me really nervous. I feel like some people are just inclined to make poorer decisions on this day, so I always feel a little relieved once it's over. 

Happy Halloween, yall! Stay safe and have fun! 
The next time we talk, it will be November- so crazy!


Lola & Lane said...

I loved your Olympian costumes! I'm working Halloween this year, so unfortunately, I won't be partaking in the festivities, but I do work in law enforcement and unfortunately, you are right about people making poorer decisions on that day, but hopefully, I'm proven wrong this year! Can't wait to see what your costumes are this year =) Hope you have a great weekend!

Amy said...


Jen said...

I can't wait to see your costumes!!!

Shelby Veri said...

I will be coordinating outfits with my dog this year and can't wait too! Are you dressing your doggie up?!

I used to love Delta but then I discovered Southwest! They give free snacks (honey roasted peanuts or pretzels!) and soda too! And you can check 2 free bags!

Love the blog!!!!

Bailey Kay said...

I prefer to be safely at home on Halloween, babysitting my kitties, but I have to work 4-11 Saturday night for store changeover! :( I can't wait to see what your costumes are!

Kait said...

That photo is so true! Target sucks me in every single time!

Stephanie said...

I still have so many questions about Pretty Little Liars! The storyline Cece gave doesn't line up for me, so I am still skeptical!


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