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Life Lately

Every so often, I think "Man, life is good. I love this season". Right now is one of those times. Christmas on the horizon makes everything a little sweeter, and I have just been soaking up every moment. These are the days where I want to press the "pause" button and just keep reliving it. Since that "pause" button doesn't seem to be available in stores yet, blogging will have to do.

So friends, this is what life lately has looked like for our little family...

Parker was away for the weekend, which meant I had the perfect excuse for a little girl time! I saw The Nutcracker with these fine friends and had the best time. So thankful for these ladies!

It has been unseasonably warm in Virginia these past few weeks, which is just fine with me! It still looks and feels like Fall, so I have tried to spend as much time outside as possible. I snapped this picture on a run the other day. Gorgeous!

Parker and I were perusing Target the other day (what else is new?), and he immediately spotted this coat, put it on, and gave me this pose. I didn't even have to ask. He was channeling his inner Jon Snow (Game of Thrones).

I received a fitbit for reaching 5 years of service with my company, and I was so excited to finally see what all the fuss is about! So far, I really like it. It's hard not to become mildly obsessed with getting 10,000 steps each day, but I suppose that's the point.

We had a date night around our town center and just had the best time. There was a free Christmas concert going on outside, so we sipped what was maybe the best hot chocolate ever and listened. The weather was perfect, the town was decorated for Christmas, and my date was pretty darn cute. Not too shabby for a Friday night. 

We watched our friend's dog over the weekend, and Jenny loved having a furry friend to hang out with! We love having Dug the dog over, the coolest golden retriever around. So cool that he even has his own Instagram handle (@dug_the_dog1217).

We also checked ice skating off the bucket list for the winter season! Since it's been so warm out (comparatively to last year, at least), we decided to do the outdoor mall skating. It was slower paced since the rink is fairly small, but still fun!

This mug says it all. Hot chocolate every night, warm pjs, and Christmas music on repeat. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

So that's what's been going on with us! We hope you are all enjoying this fleeting season as much as we are!


Caravan Sonnet said...

SO fun!! Looks like amazingly sweet memories and such precious times!
:) Rebecca

Janelle Cook said...

Sounds like life is great!!! That's awesome. It's been crazy warm here in Ohio too, but I don't like it - it's weird! Haha

Amy said...

the nutcracker, target trips, a fitbit, i mean COME ON that is awesome...along with everything else you've listed off! :) :)

Tammy Jo said...

Looks like a Christmas season worthy of a Hallmark movie :). You guys are to darn cute!!

Melissa said...

Yay for a FitBit!!! Mine broke last year, but I LOVED it! And by the way, it's seriously warm in NY, too…so weird!

Jen said...

Haha that photo of Parker at Target is hysterical! :)

Bailey Kay said...

I laughed out loud at that photo of Parker! Too funny!

Stephanie said...

It's just starting to feel like winter here, and I hate this cold. That is really awesome that they gave you a FitBit. I have been eying them for awhile, but I just can't justify spending that money.


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