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Our Navy Journey: The First 5 Years

It occurred to me the other day that we have been on this Navy adventure for 5 years! 5 years and 2 months, but who's counting? How we made it 5 years without a deployment can only be attributed to the many months Naval Aviators spend in training, but we aren't mad about it!

We have lived in 4 different places and been a part of 5 different squadrons, each with their own set of highs and lows. I thought it would be fun to take a look at where we have been and what the first 5 years of Navy life looked like for us. 

Our first stop was... Pensacola, Florida!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the Navy really spoiled us with this one. Pensacola is beautiful! If you have to move away from your family and friends, you might as well go somewhere wonderful like Pensacola, Fl. In my opinion, the emerald coast has the best beaches in the country, and we went almost every weekend in the summer. As beautiful as Pensacola was, our favorite part was the people. We met some of our best friends there and would go back in a heartbeat if it meant reuniting with those fine folks. Pensacola, you were good to us during our 16 month stay!

Our next stop was... Kingsville, Texas!

To say we were excited to go back to Texas is a gross understatement. We were over the moon to live in the motherland again! Kingsville was a small town in every sense but so charming. A lot of people hated Kingsville, but we'd (again) go back in a heartbeat. Our favorite thing about Kingsville was our neighbor across the street who became my best friend and like a second mom to me out there. We were in Kingsville for 9 months and hope to be stationed there again some day.

Our next step was... Corpus Christi, Texas!

Man oh man did we love living in Corpus Christi. It was only 45 minutes away from Kingsville, so it was a very short move. This was our first and only time living on base, which I highly recommend doing if you have the chance. You just can't beat the convenience and safety. Our house backed up to the ocean, and we loved taking Jenny on daily walks by the water. Our only complaint about Corpus Christi was that we weren't there long enough. We met amazing friends there, loved the city, and loved living on base. We were only there 4 months, but it was just the best time.

Our next stop was... Norfolk, Virginia!

This is the first move that I wasn't too excited about. Virginia was foreign territory, and Norfolk has a lot of areas you have to be careful in. We have met amazing friends here, and it's been neat to see an entirely different part of the country. Our first winter rocked our little worlds (hello, snowmageddon), but we survived. My favorite part of our year in Norfolk was that we had Darla, the pup we kept while her mom was away on deployment. We lived there right at 12 months.

Our next stop was... Virginia Beach, Virginia!

When we found out Parker would be joining the squadron in Norfolk for 3 years, we were so excited to buy a house. We chose Virginia Beach, right next to Norfolk, and absolutely love it. It's amazing what moving 15 minutes away has done for my outlook on this place. I went from really not caring for Virginia at all to wanting to stay in our current home forever. I love our neighborhood, I love Parker's squadron, and I couldn't ask for a better group of girlfriends to do life with here. We have been here 9 months with at least 2 more years to go, and it's nice to know there aren't any impending moves in our immediate future.

It's been a fun first 5 years! Military life is wild and tough at times, but yall, it sure is fun. 


Caravan Sonnet said...

Love hearing your thoughts on each place and love hearing how you have fallen in love with Virginia Beach!! It was definitely one of my favorite places to live and I would love to move back some day!!
:) Rebecca

Janelle Cook said...

So fun to read about all the places you've been and how you've enjoyed each place for different reasons. I'm not a huge fan of the base we're at now, but I'm hopeful for future bases! :)

Semper Ag said...

You have the perfect attitude for this crazy lifestyle!

Bailey Kay said...

I'm a little spoiled that my first post as an Army wife will be in my homeland... I already cry thinking of the day that the Army sends us somewhere else. Andy had to change his "wish list" to include Campbell (also in KY) on there because I want to be close to home if possible.

Kait said...

You've gotten some pretty amazing spots! Sadly, the Army has some kind of (in my opinion) awful locations. But we have certainly made the most of it! I love your new design :)

Simple Luck Blog said...

Oh my goodness. In five years, you guys haven't aged at all!

Jenn @ Lost in the Right Direction said...

Looks like you have had great luck with duty stations :)

Jen said...

I love following along with your journey, you have been to some amazing places. :)

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Glad you are feeling more settled in Virginia. It can be so hard to settle in and you guys really don't have much time to do it!

~Ashly @ A Cute Angle

Shannon said...

Hi Chelsea! I think the Naval aviation path is really spoiled. Pensacola was a beautiful place to live and now living in San Diego is even better. I'm glad you're loving Virginia Beach! Maybe our paths will cross at some duty station in the future!

Grandma Pat said...

Living the dream! Miss seeing you two but we know that you are happy, healthy, and blessed. Lots of love from Grandma Pat & Pa Har

Kirst Semler said...

It really is so funny how just going 15 minutes in the opposite of Norfolk will do for your outlook! We have been here for almost 4 years, I tell my hubby when we are up for order's again if for some dumb reason we can't go anywhere else I would love to move up to Hampton or Virginia Beach. They really are almost two different worlds compared to Norfolk.

Stephanie said...

I can't believe how short lived some of the places were. That seems crazy! You guys are doing it in style and seem to have the best outlook on everything!


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