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Surviving Deployment

Most any military wife will tell you that deployment is all about surviving. It is by no means going to be your favorite stage of life. It's not going to be the stage you look back on and say "I wish we could relive that". It's just a stage you have to get through. Survival. 

You will have seasoned military wives tell you that deployment isn't that bad, or that it goes by quickly, or that it's actually nice having so much time for yourself. While you may look back after the fact and think some of those are true, those don't apply when you're in the thick of it. The days seem longer, it really is that bad, and you're bored silly with so much time to yourself. #realtalk

Whether it's a 3 month deployment or a 10 month deployment, it's going to be hard. Nobody gets married thinking "yay, my husband is leaving!". It's about surviving. And once you do make it to the other side, regardless of what you had to do to get yourself there, you should be so proud of yourself for doing something that not everyone could do. 

I have had friends that have a really hard time during deployment, meaning emotional breakdowns, nightly cry sessions, etc. I've also had friends that take up new hobbies, wear a smile at all times, and if they're having a hard time, they don't show it. Neither is right, and neither is wrong. You just have to survive! If you have the ability to go live with family and think that will make it easier, do it! Don't let anyone tell you the "right" way to get through deployment, and don't feel insecure if you seem to have a harder time than others. 

For any friends who have, are currently, or will go through a deployment, take pride in knowing that it takes a special person to be able to make it through. Take solace in knowing you aren't alone. Take comfort in knowing it really is just about surviving. And you can do it!


Jenn @ Lost in the Right Direction said...

My husband is deploying next year and I'm so not looking forward to it!

Bailey said...

Andy is going TDY soon and although it's not a deployment by any stretch of the imagination, I'm still nervous because this will be the first time we've been apart since he lived in Louisiana.

Melissa said...

I love this. It doesn't matter how long your love is gone. They're still gone. TDY was hard, 24-hour ops are hard, and deployments are hard as heck. It's okay to cry. That's my motto.

Jen said...

It's always hard when they are gone no matter how long it's for. To me the shorter separations are the hardest.


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