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Things I Want To Remember: Week 19

Week 19! I can't believe how quickly this second trimester is going, but this baby will be here before we know it! I am still loving every minute of being pregnant with this sweet boy and can't wait to see what the weeks to come have in store!

1. My belly has really popped out over the last couple of weeks! It's nuts! Parker is convinced I am further along than the doctors say (definitely possible since baby has been measuring big), but so far they have not changed my due date. This is also our first pregnancy with a healthy baby, so all we have to compare it to is my pregnancy with Taylor. I carried her to almost 20 weeks and was barely showing by the end, so I think that definitely plays a part in why we are so shocked by my big tummy. 

2. Fruit has been my big craving this second trimester. I have been eating an apple a day and will eat peaches, strawberries, watermelon, or berries for days. I love it! I keep telling my sister that if I end up being gestational, I am going to blame the fruit intake. There are much worse things to be craving though, right?

3. Another thing I don't think I have yet noted in these updates is my Triscuit obsession. I have been eating Triscuits since about week 12 with no sign of stopping. I have Triscuits with cheese every day for a snack and always look forward to my beloved Triscuits. ;)

4. I officially can't hide this pregnancy with clothes anymore. No matter how baggy my shirt is, this bump still sticks out and makes itself known. Athletic shorts or maternity shorts are all that fit on the bottom, and with the weather changing in the next few weeks, I am on the lookout for some cheap maternity pants! I love looking cute but am such a cheapo that I have a hard time justifying buying something I will only wear about 5 months. 

5. Baby boy was moving around, so I put my hand on my stomach to see if I could feel him from the outside. It really felt like I could, but it's hard to tell when I'm feeling him on the inside too! Every time I have my mom put her hand on my stomach to feel, baby stops moving. Little stinker. 

This week's picture was taken in the middle of shopping with my sisters when my friends texted and asked for a bump pic. I didn't get around to taking another, so this picture will have to do!


Jen said...

Feeling them move really is an amazing experience! I miss it on occasion.

Bailey said...

Your bump is definitely growing!!!

Sarah said...

Have you looked at Old Navy maternity clothes? Some of their stuff is cute. I was able to wear regular clothes for almost 6 months but when I need maternity clothes I got some from ON, Kohls, and some from sales at Motherhood Maternity. The BEST pants I got were from Motherhood Maternity. I completely agree about not wanting to pay an arm and a leg!

Janelle Cook said...

Wow, you really have popped out! Awesome! :) Target and Old Navy were my go tos for maternity clothes! :)

Stephanie said...

While it may stink to buy maternity pants for only a few months. I highly highly recommend it. You will be so much more comfortable! I got one pair the last time around and then wore maxi dresses the rest of the time.


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