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15 Weeks

This week, we spent time traveling to see our families over Christmas! I was 15 weeks at Christmas, which was perfect because I was past the sickness but not quite to the indigestion... ahh the second trimester. ;)

Pregnancy brain, which is now muddled with mom brain, a deadly combination, apparently hit this week. I went to make Parker some oatmeal, microwaved it, and handed it to him without looking. I started to do something else, and he called back "Have you ever made oatmeal before??". I thought "well duh I have made oatmeal before", but as I looked into his bowl, I realized that I had heated the oats for a minute with no water. Oops!

This was the week of the avocado toast and paninis! I am still craving fresh foods and can eat almost anything at this point with the exception of fast food and BBQ. I am pretty sure those things will make me feel sick for the remainder of the pregnancy. 

I keep waiting to feel the baby move because I felt Preston move at 14 weeks, but so far nothing. Hopefully soon!

We have known this baby is a boy for over a month and aren't even close to knowing his name. We knew Preston would be Preston from the get go, so it stresses me out that we can't decide on a name for this baby. I really want to start calling him by name! Naming a human is hard, yall. 


Kenzie said...

I am glad you were able to spend the holidays without nausea! Your bump is so darn cute ♥ I had to chuckle about the oatmeal story. I still do things like that and my youngest is eight! I don't think I am ever going to get my mom brain working right ha ha!

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Oh my goodness! Look at your belly already! Congratulations again!

Kate Mitchell said...

Congratulations! I missed your announcement and was so happy to see this post.


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