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Parker's Motivation Blog Post, Version 1.1

Parker decided to get his blogging on and provide a little motivation on this fine Monday. I always like when he takes over the blog for the day, and I really enjoyed reading this latest post that he cooked up. Happy Monday, friends, and take it away, husband!


Parker here! It’s Monday, and hopefully you are looking forward to the upcoming week! If not, that is perfectly okay! If you want a little motivation for the week, this quote is for you:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
- Lao-tzu

It is not a long quote, but a profound one! I personally “discovered” this quote during what I perceived to be a very difficult part of flight school. At the time I was learning how to fly the T-45 goshawk, and it seemed like this was a herculean task. There was so much to learn and do simultaneously that it felt like the Navy had stuck a fire hose in my mouth and let it rip. I had to learn the systems of the plane, the rules for flying in the local area, the wing SOP, the squadron SOP, NATOPS procedures, etc. I had a library of books to read and no time to read them!

Ironically enough, I saw this quote in the email signature of one of my classmates. I am not sure if he placed it there specifically for our class (we all felt equally overwhelmed) or if it had been his signature for a while. Nonetheless, this quote gave me that extra surge of motivation to help me take little steps, no matter how small, that got me through the beginning of a difficult syllabus.

My point today isn’t to talk about Naval Aviation. My point is to remind you that every step you take counts. It may seem like your goals are far off or unachievable, but the truth is: they are not! You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to by taking baby steps in the right direction. It may seem like I am blowing smoke up your ... teepee  ... but I know this is true from first hand experience! Don’t let fear or anxiety be the reason you never succeeded!



If you don’t have any cool goals in mind, here are a few fun ideas to get started:


This is “Parker’s Motivation Blog Post 1.1” because Chelsea didn’t approve of 1.0. Apparently coming on strong with motivation is just “intimidating”.


Kate Mitchell said...

Very true, Parker! I'm studying for the GRE (general AND literature subject test) and felt the same way. So I procrastinated. Finally, one day I just bit the bullet and made a studying plan: a little bit every day with 1-2 days off a week. It makes it so much more doable when I think, "Okay, so I'm going to spend 2 hours today studying poetry."

Ashley said...

That is a great quote Parker! It really helps to remember even small steps towards your goals are forward motion. I think some big changes are coming in my life so I will have to remember just to take baby steps.

Grandma Pat said...

Parker. Great quote and great advice. I am now learning Italian, in baby steps.

Jen said...

This is such a great post! Thanks for sharing, Parker!

Bailey Kay said...

Thanks for the motivation, Parker! I get overwhelmed by the mountain of paperwork on my desk at work, and I've found doing just one task helps motivate me.

Amy said...

that quote was exactly what i needed to hear!
motivation can be so incredibly hard to find, but boy do we need it!
thank you parker for sharing your thoughts!

Semper Ag said...

I love that you have your hubby "guest post" for you! That's awesome!


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