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Brown Sugar Brisket

Brisket is a favorite in our house. We are from Texas, after all. I like to mix up the flavors a little to keep it interesting, although I am fairly confident my husband would be happy eating BBQ brisket every day of the week. I tried out this recipe and was pleased with how it came out! It's made in the crock pot, which is my favorite way to make brisket. So easy, and the meat comes out so tender!

3 lb flat-trimmed brisket
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tbsp spicy brown mustard
1 onion, chopped
4 cups apple juice
salt and pepper, to taste

1. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, brown each side of your brisket in a drizzle of olive oil for about 4 minutes each side. Sprinkle salt and pepper over each side.
2. In a small bowl, combine the brown sugar and mustard, and set aside.
3. Place your browned brisket in the slow cooker (lined for easy cleanup!). Take your brown sugar mixture and rub it all over the brisket. Add in your chopped onion and pour the apple juice on top. 
4. Cover and cook on high about 8 hours. 
5. When you're ready to eat, remove the brisket from the liquid (discard the liquid), and place on a cutting board. Shred the brisket and serve!


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Carly said...

Oh yum! My husband is a huge fan of brisket as well and I definitely don't think this is a way he's prepared it before so we'll have to check it out.

Janelle Cook said...

Brisket is big in our house too, but my husband always makes it! We make it Kansas City BBQ style, so spicy! :) He likes to smoke it on our smoker (best $15 Craigslist purchase EVER!). We've never tried a sweet brisket, so maybe I'll show this to him and see what he thinks.

Lisa C said...

I'll have to try this! I've been looking for good beef recipes to mix up our recipe routine.

Unknown said...

Yum! I'm going to have to try this!!

Bailey Kay said...

That looks delicious! The only type of brisket I've had is BBQ.

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...


~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Jen said...

I definitely want to try this! It looks amazing. :)

Unknown said...

you had me at brisket!!!!!


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