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Spring Cleaning Has Commenced

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I've always admired those people who say they love to clean. When I think of things I love to do, I can make a list consisting of baking to binge watching television to traveling, but cleaning won't be anywhere on that list. People who like to clean must have been born with a little extra sparkle or something. If that's you, kudos. I hope to grow up to be just like you one day. 

I try to keep our house decently clean and moderately succeed in this goal. However, when it comes time to move as it does all to often in the military life, moderately clean won't cut it. There is this thing called your deposit that your landlord loves to hang over your head as a bargaining chip to make the house look immaculate. You scrub the house top to bottom for hours just to get that money back that you've probably forgotten about because it's been been a year since you paid it. Still though, money is money and if a clean house is what it takes, I am determined to win this game. 

I am a list person through and through, and there is just something about crossing off items on a to-do list once you've completed them. Was there ever a more productive feeling? Everyone at my job uses the calendar on their phones or computers, but I am forever stuck in the 19th century proudly writing out my day's activities in my planner. Since I am a list person, I created a list perfect for Spring cleaning or a deep clean right before you move. 

I broke it down room by room, and I think I just might have to reward myself with a cookie after I've completed all of the tasks in a room. Yes, that seems necessary.

This list has worked well for me, so feel free to pin and print it for your own use too!

Since we are gearing up for another move in the next couple of months (we are moving locally, but a move is a move as far as cleaning is concerned), I decided I should probably get a jump start on it. 

I headed to Walmart and picked up Fabuloso® Multipurpose Cleaner in Spring Bloom and Lavender. The lavender smelled too good not to purchase. If my house smelled like that on a regular basis, I'm pretty sure my husband would be doing back flips. Goals. I like that I can use the Fabuloso® for pretty much everything. I don't want to have to buy 10 different products to store, and that can get pricey quickly, so the fact that Fabuloso® means one stop shopping is a win in my book.

Maybe after I am done cleaning I will take off the nail polish that is way past looking pretty. No, that's too much for one day. Maybe tomorrow. 
Whether you are gearing up for a move or you have a house that is just in need of a good, deep clean, Spring Cleaning season is upon us! Put on your rubber gloves, pop in your Taylor Swift CD, and get to work!

If you are a bit of a cleaning novice like myself, here's a tip. Head to Walmart, look for a Fabuloso® display on the end cap of this aisle, and go from there. 

Are you one of those magical people that enjoys cleaning? No judgement if you are. Just pure admiration. 

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Lisa C said...

I don't like cleaning, but I love a clean house.

Bailey Kay said...

I like cleaning but I hate deep cleaning... You'd never know it if you looked at my bedroom and bathroom though.

Emily said...

I am not s fan of cleaning and hate looking at all the cleaning products out there. I now only use two cleaning products to keep my house clean. Pine-sol and murphy oil soap. I use Pine-sol to disinfect the bathroom and floors and the murphy oil on furniture, counter tops, oven and windows. if you want streak free windows and stainless steel appliances mix 1/4 cup murphy oil soap and two cups of water and put it in a spray bottle and start cleaning. Best part is my 4 year old loves to help and the murphy oil soap mixture is safe for him to spray and help clean.

Stephanie said...

I hate cleaning. It is awful. I am really struggling right now to keep a clean house. I don't know how people do it!

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Lisa Jones said...

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