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The Boy Behind The Blog: House Hunting Edition

It's time for another round of the boy behind the blog! Since finding out we are staying in Virginia, we have had home buying on the brain. This will be our first time buying a home together, and we are so excited! We have been gulping the house hunting koolaid and can browse zillow for hours looking at all of the prospects. I decided to ask Parker a few questions about the home buying process, so here's more from the boy behind this blog...

Questions and Answers (my responses to his answers are in gold):

1. What is the most important feature in a home for you?
That's difficult. Probably location. I want somewhere that is safe and reputable. Somewhere where I know Chelsea will be okay when I am at work or deployed.
Thanks, hubs. I'll make sure to take my trusty guard dog wherever I go. 

2. Hardwoods or carpet?
Hardwoods. Is that even a question? That'a like asking someone "toilet paper or hand?".
Thank you, husband, for that visual. 

3. Do you tend to favor homes with a lot of "character" or new construction?
Ohh that's hard. The dream home has both, but of course in the house buying process you have to compromise, I hear. We will see what our realtor convinces me of.
I'm team new construction, so I'm interested to see what we end up liking as we start to tour homes for sale. 

4. What is a feature you want but are willing to sacrifice if the right home came along?
A shorter commute to work
Since I work from home, we really only have his commute to think about. I would love to keep it as short as possible, but we will see where we end up. 

5. Do you think we should apply for House Hunters?
Why not?
Sounds like a fun experience, right? Stay tuned for that one!

Question: Have you ever bought a home? We'd love to hear your advice!

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Janelle Cook said...

I have no advice... but good luck finding the perfect home for you guys! I bet it'll be a lot of fun! :)

Bailey Kay said...

Not to ruin your House Hunters love, but they have already bought the house when they start filming and visit other houses.

Good luck home buying! That's so exciting. You'll definitely have to give me your new address once you move.

Jen said...

Buying your first home is always so exciting!!! :) We bought ours after it was already built and feel in love instantly. Always look for a home that you instantly feel comfortable in. :)

Unknown said...

I think the most important thing to determine first, is what are you comfortable paying a month for your mortgage, and then work backwards from there what the price range of house would be. That way you don't end up looking at and falling in love with a house that you would not be able to comfortably afford. Good luck, buying your first home is exciting!

Unknown said...

Hi Chelsea,
So we just bought a house in November. We put a bid on one that I was convinced was IT. We ended up not getting it and it really discouraged me. Every time we looked at houses I compared it to my favorite. Kyle had to teach me to look at the "potential". When I first saw our current house I said... I guess its ok but it has yellow walls and brown carpet. Then Kyle reminded me those are things that can be changed. So I began to see what could be. We changed out the floors and painted the entire inside of the house. Now it is way better than the one we originally lost.

Moral of the story. Look at the potential of the house and things that you are able to change as long as it is in your budget. House 1 was at the tip-top of our budget so we couldn't have done any work. The house we bought was lower and gave us the wiggle room to add new floors which I think was the reason I liked the first house so much anyway.

Have fun it is an adventure!

P.S. I told Emily that I want to be your bff eventhough I have never met you lol.

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Love this. Nick is so pro-carpet, but I agree with Parker about the hard hood!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Melzie at Ribbons and Rotor Blades said...

YAY house hunting!!! I will admit, we didn't even have new construction on our minds. But being that we like modern and contemporary, all the homes we saw were going to need a lot of work done to them to get them how we wanted. Our realtor suggested a new build so we headed out to look at some builder inventory homes. We finally settled on a house that was about 80% completed (so we didn't get to choose any specs, unfortunately) but because it's builder inventory, it was basic and we could add our own personal touches here and there.
The searching part looks so fun on's WAY more stressful in real life but we also only had one week. Thankfully you two will have more time than that lol.
And the sacrifice of the commute. We did that. Nick drives about 45 minutes and while he hates the commute, he knows it was the best for us. We were able to get a bigger house to grow into, with a LARGE yard for the pups, in a very safe neighborhood, convenient to stores and shopping, and for MUCH cheaper than the homes closer to base. It all works out in the end. Best of luck! If you have any questions, let me know. It was stressful but worth it!!! (We used USAA and the VA Loan if you do have questions)

Stephanie said...

We just started house hunting too! It is a little intimidating to look at all the options and think about the investment factor. But it is very exciting to see your potential future in all these places. Like what will holidays look like, the every day mess with kids, how the dogs will like the yard...

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