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Weekly Confessions

Happy Friday yall! The most wonderful time of the week is upon us yet again. That means it's time for another round of weekly confessions. Here's what's been on my mind lately. 

I confess... I like going to the dentist. I think I am definitely in the minority here, but I love how clean my teeth feel after each visit. The dental hygienists are always so sweet and talk to me while they clean my teeth, but I never know if I am supposed to try to respond while they poke around in my mouth or just sit there and nod like a mime. 

I confess... I have a love/hate relationship with avocados. I love them because they are delicious and the primary ingredient in one of my favorite foods, guacamole. Typically once a week, I will decide chips and guac will pair as the perfect appetizer for whatever I am cooking that night for dinner and whip up some fresh guacamole for Parker and me to snack on. We are obsessed. As for the hate portion of my relationship with avocados, it is directly associated with the fact that avocados seem to have the shortest shelf life known to man. I cannot tell you how many avocados have gone bad under my watch. It's a struggle. 

I confess... I pick money up off of the ground. Typically it's just a penny here and there in a parking lot, but it's an opportunity and every penny counts, right? Parker is disgusted by this habit and is convinced I'm going to catch some weird disease from picking pennies up from the dirty ground. I told him to think about how many hands have touched the money in his wallet. Money is gross if you think about it, so just don't think about it. 

I confess... I've decided that people on the east coast eat dinner really late. Obviously this is a huge generalization, but I grew up eating dinner around 5:30 pm. That's a little early for me now, but we usually try to eat around 6/6:30 pm. We don't like going to bed feeling so full, but it is rare that friends here want to meet for a meal before at least 7:00, which means it's at least 7:30/8 before we get our food. We had to develop the 5:00 snack when meeting friends for dinner so we wouldn't get hangry. And by we, I mean just me. 

I confess... I shared this picture on Instagram but wanted to share it here too. My in-laws sent us this photobook of their trip to see us from last September. This trip was when we surprised them with the news that they were going to be grandparents, and it was amazing to relive that through pictures. I got to the last page and cried when I saw that they dedicated the book to our baby girl's memory. It's been emotional around here with Taylor Grace's due date just 4 days away, but we are so blessed to have family that love and cherish our daughter's life like we do. I will forever cherish this book. 

Yall have a great weekend!

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Kate Mitchell said...

So much love to you as you approach her due date. I'm sure this will be an emotional time, but you and Parker and Taylor are loved by so many. LITB!

Janelle Cook said...

I definitely don't like going to the dentist, but I do love how my teeth feel afterward!!

Also, that book is the sweetest thing. I'm glad you have that to look through whenever you want - so special!

Jen said...

The older I get the more I enjoy going to the dentist, it really is weird haha.

Bailey Kay said...

People do eat dinner really late. I always had dinner at 4 pm after school (instead of eating a snack, my mom would just serve dinner early and we'd eat a snack before bed.) I'm used to eating dinner by 6 at the latest when I'm at home, but when I go out with friends we go to dinner at 7 or 8.

Becca Evans said...

I am horrible about picking good avocados! It's really frustrating because it seems like every single one I buy is already bad. I stopped buying because I felt like I was just throwing money away.

Melzie at Ribbons and Rotor Blades said...

First of all, that book. So incredibly sweet. I am thinking of you and Parker <3
Secondly, dinner time. Nick and I are soooo bad. We usually don't eat dinner until around 9pm. Last night? 12:20am!!! He was so busy doing tasks around the house and I was working that we just snacked and lost complete track of time.

Anonymous said...

I pick money up off the ground too! I used to clean all my change when I was younger because of all the germs. What a sweet gift from your in-laws. Sending love and prayers for you and Parker.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE THE DENTIST! I feel so healthy when I go and am excited when I "pass" the no cavity test. I also pick up money off the ground. I say that I wont get sick as often because I am exposed to more germs so my immune system is rock solid.

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