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On Mother's Day

So Mother's Day was yesterday. I had been thinking about it off and on the days leading up to Sunday but tried not to let it consume my thoughts. Obviously, it's a little bittersweet for me. Thankfully I got to celebrate my amazing mother and wonderful mother-in-law, and that made the day and days leading up to it a lot easier. We mailed gifts this year and unfortunately didn't get to be with either of our moms (thanks Navy!), but we did get to be with them via the interwebs! Facetime is a beautiful thing, yall.   

I woke up Sunday morning and Parker immediately said "Oh good, now I can give you your card!". I don't know if I woke up with a fresh batch of hormones or what because I just lost it and the tears started flowing. Whether or not yesterday is a day for me or not is up to discretion and a debate I would never want to get into, but it felt good to be loved on and to read the sweet words my husband had written for me. 

The necklace was a Christmas gift, but I wear it every day and love it!
After I read the beautiful card, I checked my phone and found texts from sweet family and friends telling me happy mother's day. It was so humbling and so, so thoughtful. The blogging community has also been absolutely amazing and Bailey, Jen, and Laura made me feel so special with their sweet notes. I felt very loved on yesterday! So thankful. 

We went to church and it felt amazing to worship and feel God's love pour over me during that hour. The pastor talked about what a joyous day Mother's Day is but touched on how hard this day is for some too. My heart instantly went out to all of those yearning for a baby and all of those who had lost babies like I have. Yesterday wasn't heartbreaking because I didn't have a baby. It was heartbreaking because she wasn't with me. I would rather love and have lost than to never have loved at all. So thankful for the beautiful angel baby that made me a mother. The joy is absolutely worth the pain. My journey with her has been my greatest achievement and greatest blessing! Thank you God. 

Last but not least, here's a picture of my mom and her girls. What a wonderful mama she has been to us. We love you mom!!

I know, we don't look related at all. 

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Melissa said...

I thought about you yesterday, Chelsea, and your sweet angel girl. I know Taylor Grace was sitting in Heaven feeling blessed to have had you as her momma - even for the short while she had on this Earth <3

Janelle Cook said...

I think it's so awesome that Parker and your family celebrated you yesterday! You will always be a mother to sweet Taylor Grace.

Unknown said...

I love that necklace! How special! That husband of yours is a keeper! Also, your mom looks like another sister in that picture. Happy Mother's Day to you - Taylor Grace is so blessed to have you :)

Kourtney @ www.themartinsandthemarines.com

Jen said...

What a special and bittersweet day for you. You will forever and always be a mother to sweet Taylor Grace. You are so loved my friend! Happy Mother's Day!

Chasingmyhalo said...

I love your perspective on this, and you continue to be an encouragement to me! Hugs and prayers as you miss your little girl. Maybe ours met in heaven ;-)

Angela said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Stephanie said...

Such a beautiful family to celebrate. I don't think there should be any debate, you are definitely a Mother!


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