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Norfolk House Tour

Since we have officially moved out of our rental house, I thought I would do a little house tour of the place we called home for a year. Since we have moved so often (we just moved into our 6th home in 4 years of marriage!), I like to take pictures of each house so we can have them to look back on. 

Moving is always bittersweet. It's closing one chapter and opening another, but this has been the hardest house to leave. We are absolutely in love with our new house and neighborhood, but the house we left contains some of our most special memories. Any and every memory we have of my pregnancy with Taylor Grace happened in that house. I took the positive pregnancy test in the guest bathroom, I stumbled through the house to the dining room to show it to Parker, we went back into the bedroom to take it all in (he had been painting and wanted to get me away from the fumes), and then we went out onto the porch to take our first pictures knowing we were parents-to-be. Our time with Darla also happened in that house. That little pup taught me so much patience and love while we lived there. 

Okay, I could go on and on about how much we loved this house, but I'll save some time and just get straight to the pictures. The house was built in 1942, so it had quite a bit of character!

Front of the house

These are outtakes from our Christmas card photoshoot for 2014, but I wanted to get a couple of shots with the porch swing. We LOVED this porch swing! We sat out there in the evenings and watched the world go by. We could stay out there for hours if it weren't for all of the darn mosquitos.

Master Bedroom

This is definitely the largest master we have ever had. You can't tell from the picture, but there are skylights over the bed. We loved all of the natural light, but if you need it pitch black when you sleep, you would have hated it. It never bothered us though!

Parker's Office

Right across from the master bedroom was Parker's office. If an Aggie flag hanging over a window in place of curtains isn't a sign of a man cave, I don't know what is.


Gosh, I loved this kitchen! It was probably my favorite room. It was so open, and that island was awesome. It was the perfect kitchen for entertaining and had more storage than I knew what to do with. We are big fans of a white kitchen, so I really liked all of the white cabinets too! As you can see, Darla decided to make a little cameo.

Living Room

Jenny is not impressed. This is the room where we spent most of our evenings. We loved curling up on the couch and watching a movie or a TV show with the pups. This room had built ins to the right that were great for storing little knick knacks, or as Parker liked to call it "crap".

Dining Room

This room is right off the kitchen and where we ate dinners each night.

The We-Have-No-Idea Room

This room was right between the living room, dining room, and my office. The people who lived here before us used it as an office, but we didn't really have a use for it. It did, however, house the antenna, as you can see. There wasn't a great place to hide it in the house, but I'll take that over the cable bill any day.

My Office

This is where I spent each day working. I work from home, so it's nice to have my own little space where I can be productive. This room was probably meant to be a den with the fireplace, but it served as the perfect office for me! The wall next to the fireplace is where we took our bumpdate pictures with Taylor each week. We also kept Darla's crate in here. She just loves her crate. We call her my little shadow because she really does follow me around everywhere I go. We put her crate next to my desk so she could hang out with me during the work day in comfort. Jenny preferred the couch in the living room.

Guest Room

There was a second floor loft in this house that we dedicated as the guest room. My mom, Nana, twin, Parker's parents, and several friends stayed with us throughout our time in this house.

Guest Bathroom

This was the guest bathroom. Nothing too special about it, but it served its purpose.

Master Bathroom

This was probably my least favorite room in the house. There was very little storage which is difficult for a girl because we have a lot of "crap" as my husband agains refers to it.

So there you have it! We will always remember this house fondly. We had a great time living there!

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Jen said...

Such an adorable home, I love it!

Melissa said...

Your home was so darn cute! I love all the personal touches :)

Jen @ South in the City said...

Super cute with a lot of charm! Can't wait for pics of the new house :) xoxo

Janelle Cook said...

So fun seeing your entire house! Can't wait to see the one you OWN!!! :)

Rachel said...

Love your home! I also love the dog painting! Did you do that?

Bailey Kay said...

Your rental home is adorable! Hope you are loving the new house!

Unknown said...

I got so excited at the post name that I thought it was a tour of your new house :( But this tour was good too lol.

Emily Stewart said...

Love this! Loved Face Timing with you on that couch! Speaking of, I miss you and am texting you right now! :)

Katherine Newsom said...

Yall have always seemed to find the best rentals! This is such a cute house...but excited to see more about the house yall buy!!! Good to be back around to see what's going on with yall!

Unknown said...

So cute!! I'm very much in love with that dining room table. Our is similar, but only seats 4. I can't wait to see pics of the new house! :)

Angela said...

So many cute rooms. Moving is so difficult because of all the memories you leave. It's bittersweet for sure!

Lisa C said...

Such a cute house! We've lived here six months, and I still need to take house tour photos.

Stephanie said...

So cute. I have always wanted a porch swing. So question. This house we are in the closing process for the master bedroom has windows everywhere limiting where we can put the bed. How did you like having your bed in front of the windows? I just hate cutting out some natural light, so I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Ashley said...

Your house was cute! I hope you enjoy your new house and make amazing memories in it.

Kenzie Smith said...

What an adorable home! I love how open a lighted the house looks, not to mention that porch swing :D I hope you enjoy your new home and all of the wonderful memories you will make in it as well.


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