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The Boy Behind The Blog: No Peeking Edition

I got the idea of a "No Peeking Edition" of the Boy Behind The Blog from Melissa and had a lot of fun coming up with questions I thought Parker should know if he pays attention. This was a fun little quiz. Try it out on a significant other if you dare, but don't hold it against them if they give the wrong answers! Okay, let's see how Mr. Parker does...

Thankful that wannabe mustache is no longer with us. 
Questions and Answers (my responses to his answers are in gray):

1. Name a place on my body where I have a freckle.
Your face? When you get a tan you get freckles.
I'll take it. Unfortunately it's been about a year since I've had anything resembling a tan.

2. On a typical day, what jewelry do I wear?
Taylor necklace, Aggie ring, wedding ring
Spot on. I usually wear a watch too that I don't actually look at to tell time. 

3. What items are in my purse?
Crap. Just crap. And then there's a couple more things of crap. I don't know, like a little wallet thing, a water bottle, mints, and crap. And pepper spray.

4. Name a blog post that went live last week.
He doesn't read the blog much anymore. Again, rude. His defense is "I catch the live version".

5. What did we do to celebrate our second anniversary?
We did a weekend trip to Fredericksburg
Yep! I had to throw in a couple of gimme questions. They're good for the male ego. 

6. What color is the dogs' water bowl?
Yes, but that was an educated guess. He walks past that water bowl every day, and on a good day he even fills it up.

7. What did the necklace look like that I wore on our wedding day?
P: A cross?
C: I didn't wear a necklace
P: Dangit, I didn't think you did. Well if you would have worn one, you would have worn a cross. 

No necklace. Boom.

Thanks for playing along, hubs. You did decently well, and I'll take it!

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Amy said...

"crap. just crap" BAHAHAHAHHA
men will never understand that we have NECESSITIES IN THERE!

Melissa said...

Hahaha men. They think we don't know what's in our purses!!! :D

Rachel said...

HAH love the crap..crap..just crap

Jen said...

Haha! This is too cute, I love his answers!

Bailey Kay said...

I was listening to K-Love yesterday and they said the average woman's purse weighs 7 pounds. The co-host of the show weighed her purse and it was a whopping 15 lbs! That's like the size of a toddler!

Katherine Newsom said...

So funny! Maybe I should start doing these... Interesting take on writing up some trick questions too!

julie @ said...

These are always such fun posts! Yep, guys just don't understand what we have to carry, but they always ask, Hey, can I put this in your purse? LOL

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Exactly!! I love that you included your responses to his responses, that was the best part :)

Janelle Cook said...

Hahaha! I absolutely love this. I'm not even sure what kind of questions I would ask Dan... but I may just put something together because this seems like so much fun!

Lisa C said...

I wear a watch and at least daily look at my phone to see what time it is, haha. And my purse does have a lot of crap in it (like the vet bill and a fork from lunch).

Stephanie said...

Haha Tom would have the same response to my purse as well. I am doing this in a couple weeks. It's funny to see their perspective.


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