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Friday Confessions

This Friday is an extra special one. Not only is it Friday, but it's the Friday before a three day weekend! I can hear the hallelujah chorus from here! Let's keep it nice and easy on the blog today and do some confessing.

I confess... Parker and I played hide and seek with the Jenny pup Tuesday night and were totally entertained by it. I know, we are those people. She seemed to really get it. Parker would hide, I would look at her and say "Where's Dad?!", and she would run through the house and sniff around until she spotted him. She got so excited when she found him! When we switched roles and I hid, Parker asked Jenny "Where's Mom?!" and she looked at him with utter indifference as if to say "Good riddance- just me and you now Pa!". Rude.

I confess... Parker was gone all last weekend for a cross country flight. He returned and told me he had a present for me. I got excited for about 5 seconds and then realized who I was dealing with. When he took out my present, my suspicions were confirmed. My present was a bag of dirty laundry from the three day period. So romantic, that one.

I confess... Wide Open Country wrote an article called 15 of the Most Unique College Football Traditions and used a picture of Parker and I for the Texas A&M page. #15MinutesofFame

I confess... "y'all" is a part of my daily vocabulary. When you're from Texas, this is absolutely an acceptable word to use as often as you wish. However, I think I am supposed to keep the "y'alls" in check in the business world. I have a terrible habit of calling groups of people "y'all" on business calls. Oopsies.

I confess... I am so glad I don't have a way to know how much time I spend watching Netflix. I am currently binge watching Pretty Little Liars and straight up loving it.

I confess... Parker and I had a movie night in and watched The Sixth Sense. He hadn't seen it since he was a kid and I had avoided seeing it up until this point because I heard it was scary (big ol' wimp, party of one). I was a little jumpy but man it was good!

Happy Labor Day weekend!


Tammy Jo said...

Super cool that y'all were on there!!!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

how fun that they used your picture! I have to confess that we liked yalls tradition for that so much that we just do it too (we being me and Kevin)..haha

and yes, Yall is just a part of everyday vocabulary!

and also, we're those people to! We love playing hide and seek with our pup!

Bailey Kay said...

I totally use y'all in business calls/emails as well! Haha oops!

And the kiss your girlfriend when the team scores thing... I'm totally going to adopt that tradition haha!

Susannah said...

Eeek!!! That 15 minutes of fame is awesome! Such an adorable picture!!! <3

Jen said...

Pretty sure Kyle has played that cruel joke on me as well.

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

So cool that they used your pictures! It's a good one. You guys looks so cute in it!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Janelle Cook said...

I can't believe you hadn't seen The Sixth Sense!! But glad you liked it :) Also, way cool that your picture was used!!

Lisa C said...

Congrats on your 15 minutes, y'all! I use y'all in emails daily to my co-workers here in Colorado. I don't know if they appreciate it, haha.

Alex said...

Chelsea-- love your comment on using "y'all"... in the Higher Education/Student Affairs world we are encouraged to use "y'all" because it is politically correct and inclusive of everyone! You can use that as an excuse now ;)

Also, I am totally thinking about adopting Friday Confessions at Radiating Sunshine! I just need some topics to write about... totally lacking inspiration around here recently!!

- Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

Stephanie said...

I echo Alex about Higher Ed supporting y'all. I use it all day every day. Pretty Little Liars is sooooo addicting! Tom makes fun of me all the time and sings his own version of the theme song mocking me watching it. But I can't help it. I am on the edge of my seat every single episode.


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