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5 Reasons 10 Gigs Of Data Will Help Me Rock Deployment

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Let's talk about a monthly struggle in our marriage: going over our data limit with our cell phones. Seriously, you know you're an adult when these are the issues you face. Am I right, friends?

Parker and I share 2 gigs of data on our current phone plan. It should be more than enough, but there is this little thing called Instagram that I am apparently programmed to need to check every 10 minutes when I am out and about. True story: I blame Instagram every single time we go over on data.

Instagram... and Skype. Skype is how I communicate with my family, but man it uses a lot of data. I try to be conscious and make sure I am in Wi-Fi when I use it, but my "trying" is only marginally effective. We still go over on data every few months. 

This is the thing: Parker deploys this year, and when he is able to Skype, I am going to answer it no matter what. Talking to your deployed husband trumps conserving data, but I still hate the idea of constantly worrying about all of the data overages we are knowingly going to incur. 

Enter: #DataAndAMovie

Here's the skinny: Walmart Family Mobile PLUS is a newly launched service with unlimited talk, text, and data, including up to 10GB of 4G LTE plus a free movie on VUDU every month, per line, for $49.88 per month.

The 10GB of data sold me, and the free movie on VUDU every month is icing on the cake! Deployment is going to be tough, but here are 5 reasons Walmart Family Mobile PLUS is going to help me rock deployment:

1. Sanity Check: If I have to constantly monitor the data I am using and worry about taking Skype calls, I think I might lose my ever loving mind. 

2. Chick Flick For One: I get a free, new release movie rental every month. With the husband away, bring on all the girly movies! This will give me something to get excited about, which I think is probably essential when all you want is your man home. 

3. Worry-Free Husband: With all the data, he won't have to worry about me going over every month. He is going to have enough on his plate as it is. I don't want him worrying over the data. 

4. New Phone: To sweeten the gig, I also purchased a new phone. New phone, new plan. It just makes sense, right? The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime was my purchase of choice, and since I am going to have nothing to do but stare and wait for those Skype calls, at least now I have a shiny new phone to stare at. Bonus: The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime is on Rollback for $79.92 from $99.92!

5. Unlimited Communication: It's simple, really. 10 Gigs of data means unlimited communication with the man I love. Now that's priceless. 

I am really thankful we live in the age of modern technology. Deployment is going to be tough, but knowing I will get a few Skype calls now and then is something I definitely do not take for granted!

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to http://cbi.as/28aqc or your local Walmart for current pricing. 

Your turn! What would you do with 10 gigs of data and a free movie every month?


ChristmasOwl07 said...

I may not have a hubby in the service but this still looks like a sweet deal. A deal I might have to take up on pretty soon when the time comes.

Unknown said...

This is just the perfect plan for you! It seems like it will ease any worry over data, clearing the way for you both to just stay connected while he's deployed, which is the most important thing! And a chick flick every month isn't a bad deal, either! #client

Unknown said...

I also have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. I love it. I was in the hospital for the duration of the entire summer. It was extremely tough not being able to see my son during the weekdays, as the hospital was three hours from home. Because I had this service, I could call, text and Skype whenever I wanted, without fear that I was exceeding my data. I know that not having to worry about data during Parker's deployment this year is a huge blessing. As always, I love reading your blog. : )

Bailey Kay said...

Andy and I are trying to figure out a cell phone plan for me once we get married. I am so addicted to my iPhone though!!!

Amy said...

so did you just cut your old plan? this looks like an AMAZING deal and a great way to stay in touch!
how long will parker be deployed? :( :(

(p.s. my "boyfriend" (yeahhh haven't really announced that one yet) is navy and is being stationed to maine for 2 years womppppppppp this april. soo i'll be checking the crap out of your military posts. not only has it been a long time since i've been in a relationship - but a long time to forget how long distance can SUCK)

Stephanie said...

We may need to check this plan out! I cringe every time we pay our cell phone bill.


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