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Blessed | Daily Reminder

I have always been a very "in the moment" thinker in terms of how I view people and situations. Here's a fun, albeit embarrassing, real-life example. I always ask Parker to play card games with me. We really like cribbage and a card game we call golf. We are also both pretty competitive, but I am easily the more competitive of the two of us. If I win 5 games in a row but lose the 6th, I tell him I never win and throw myself a dramatic little pity party. He finally resorted to keeping a spreadsheet of our wins/losses so that when I decide I never ever win games, he can show me that this is in fact not true and I need to snap out of it. Bless that man. I can be a real drama queen when it comes to game night.

While that was an odd example, it paints the larger picture. I let my current mood/status dictate how I view myself on a grander scale. When I am down on my luck or have just had a rough day, I sometimes need a little reminder of how truly blessed I am. 

My friend and fellow almost military spouse (she marries her Air Force sweetheart in just 4 months!), Nicole, sent me a piece of jewelry from KEEP Collective to help with this reminder. I love it! When I'm having a rough day or feeling down, I can glance down at my wrist and see that sweet little word: blessed. 

Nicole was a joy to work with and would love to help you create your own unique piece! She is a military spouse (almost!) and a puppy mama, so you know she's good people. To support her small business with KEEP, shoot her an email or visit her Facebook page so you can get started on something custom just for you. Or, you can purchase something here.

Nicole is offering all Anchors Aweigh readers 10% off all orders and a free $9 key with any purchase over $100! Nicole will refund the 10% via Paypal or check after you complete your order!


Janelle Cook said...

I have to admit... I was laughing out loud about your game example because I am the same way, and Dan makes so much fun of me! I actually don't think he likes playing games with me for that very reason...

Unknown said...

Write a blog post on how to play golf!! I want to learn!


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