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The Boy Behind The Blog: Leap Year Edition

We are back for another edition of The Boy Behind The Blog! I get excited for this post every month. You've heard the expression "Kids say the darndest things". That's how I feel about my husband. He keeps our house happy and me thoroughly entertained!

This month's questions were all about 2016 being a leap year, and even though Parker probably couldn't care less about leap years, he was a great sport and participated per usual. Okay, here we go!

Questions and Answers (my responses to his answers are in gray):

This year is a leap year... what are you going to do to celebrate?
Is that something to celebrate? I had no idea. I guess my night is open!
Crack open that bottle of champagne and blast TSwift over Pandora!

If you could create an obscure holiday, what would it be and why?
National Pilot Appreciation Day
Every day is National Pilot Appreciation Day in our house. 

Have you seen the movie Leap Year? If not, tell us about another romantic comedy you have seen?
Leap Year was a good one. I just can't believe he lived his entire life and died at only 17. It's one of my favorites.
You and I both know you just made that up. You've never seen Leap Year

Tradition has it that women are supposed to propose to their men on leap day. What would you say if your girl popped the question?
Well we're already married, but I guess sure!
Glad to know you'd still marry me. Nobody likes rejection. 

If you had to have a special event take place on a leap day, what would it be?
Are we still talking about leap day? I think the person who wrote these questions is trying to push a sinister agenda, and I want to know what it is. Are these questions meant to help or to irritate?
No words. Just. No words. Except for that last line was a straight quote from Violet in Downton Abbey, which makes me extremely happy. 

Thank you Parker for such enthusiastic participation as always. Until March, that's the boy behind this blog!


Jen said...

Haha his response about seeing Leap Year is pretty funny.

Bailey Kay said...

Bahahaha the Leap Year comment.

Anonymous said...

That's funny! My husband and I just watched Leap Year on Netflix. He grumbled about it when I put it on, but he got really into it by the end. Do people celebrate leap day? Is that a thing? That could be a fun tradition to start.

Rachel said...

I love his response to the Leap Year movie question! Such a cute post!

Alex said...

Hahaha for a second I thought wait are there two Leap Year movies?!! Cute cute!

Alex @ Radiating Sunshine


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