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Christmas in Texas- Part 1

Parker got 10 days of leave for Christmas. After hardly seeing our families all year, 10 days was a dream! They of course flew by, but we are so thankful for the time we got to spend with both of our families. We spent the first part of the break in The Woodlands with my family. It was exactly what I needed! Everyone was home, and all eight of us got to spend much needed quality time together. I take for granted how well we all get along and how much we genuinely love each other, but I was reminded how blessed I am to have these seven people in my life this Christmas. Here's a rundown of what we did to keep ourselves occupied:

  • Saw Playing for Keeps in theaters as a family. I love cheesy romantic comedies, so naturally I thought it was a home run.
  • Grandma Sandi came into town, and it was great to see her after almost a year. 

  • Faith got an aquarium, and Parker and I got to go with she and my Dad to buy fish. This is the first experience anyone on the Benner side has had with pet fish except for my Dad, so I had fun learning about it. Despite one dying about two hours into ownership, the fish business is going well! How funny is this video of Jenny watching the fish?!

  • We had a killer dinner at Grimaldi's. That was some delicious pizza!

  • We played a board game called Logos that Logan absolutely destroyed us in and my Dad refused to wait his turn before blurting out the answer. My competitive side was dying, but it was funny!
  • If you lay down on the floor or furniture, Sully thinks he needs to sit on you. Danielle and Logan call this 90-lb gift the "good lovins".

  • We went to an awesome Christmas Eve Service at Fellowship of the Woodlands. They always put on a wonderful show, but the message this year was really powerful. They talked about enjoying each moment of life and really living and loving during the time we are given. Greg and Jana from the Christian group Avalon (my favorite growing up) were there to sing. They are so talented!! Every year, we always end the service with carols by candlelight. We all light candles and sing Christmas Carols together. I love that part. 

  •   Jenny, Bella, and Sully were reunited. I don't know who was more excited to see each other, the family or the dogs? And yes, my dog who is clearly the smallest is the antagonist.

  • We got up Christmas morning bright and early to open presents! I am at the point where I genuinely enjoy giving presents and get more joy out of seeing people open gifts than opening them myself, so I was excited for everyone to open the gifts I had given so much consideration to. That said, it's always fun to open gifts :).
Aggie Devotional! (Please excuse the appearance- it was 6:30 AM)

The Gunter Duo

Natalie wants to be a physician's assistant, so here she is with her little doctor bear! (And the Sul-Man)

I got my mom a monogrammed phone case with an anchor in DG colors since she was a Delta Gamma too!

Dad with his new headphones from Natalie and Faith!

Parker with his Kindle Fire that he is obsessed with

The boys played photographer-all the original Benners on Christmas morning!
The first part of our time in Texas was absolutely perfect, and I treasure the time we got to spend with my family!

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