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Friends, Wedding Dresses, and Other Weekend Activities!

I had literally been looking forward to this past weekend since Monday, and it certainly lived up to expectations! Friday night, our friend Jimmy organized a dinner at Five Sisters Blues Cafe, and it was a great way to kick off the weekend. I probably walked away with five clogged arteries, but yummy southern cooking is always a crowd pleaser, and it did not disappoint. We were planning on seeing Zero Dark Thirty after dinner, but we cut it too close time-wise, so we opted for a yogurt date with the Haby's instead. Gotta love froyo! We will all go see Zero Dark Thirty this coming weekend.

Michelle and I with our deliciousness in a cup!

Saturday, Emily and I had the privilege of going with Maggie to look for her wedding dress! Chris and Maggie got engaged in December, and Parker and I were there to photograph the event, detailed here. We are all so excited for these two to get married. They are perfect! I was so excited when Maggie asked me to go with her to look for her dress. The great thing about Maggie is she is so gorgeous that you could dress her in a trash bag, and she'd make it look good. She seriously looked gorgeous in everything she tried on. Emily and I couldn't stop oohing and aahing over it all. We also ended up having a great time laughing at different parts of the experience. For one, Emily and I took it upon ourselves to walk around the bridal shop and pick out dresses we thought Maggie would like. Apparently the consultant went to Maggie and told her "her buddies" weren't allowed to do that. Oops. We got in trouble at David's happens. Maggie is also very blunt, which made for some classic one-liners that left the bridal consultants unsure of their response. My favorite was when she told them she was a small girl (she's about 5'1''), flipped to the back of a bridal magazine to the flower girl dresses, and said "I mean, this is probably more my speed". Loved it. She found a dress she loved at David's Bridal, and we went to another shop after so she could see what else was out there, but she couldn't stop thinking about the first dress. It was so her, and it will be perfect for their precious little outdoor wedding this summer. She said yes to the dress! Chris, get ready to ball your eyes out August 31st!

Love these two girls!

We had some friends over for game night Saturday night, and that's always a good time. We played Trivial Pursuit first. I think I knew a total of 6 or 7 questions out of all that were asked, and I felt like the smartest thing. I never know any of them, so although it's embarrassing that I only knew 6, I took it as a small victory. We also played Taboo, my personal favorite! I'm just okay at that game, but if Danielle and I play on the same team, we dominate. We had virtually the same life experiences until we were 22 and still talk on the phone daily, so we know each other pretty well. Game night was a blast though, and the Wagstaff's brought Misty, so Jenny was in heaven. I love chill nights with friends playing games and watching the dogs chase each other.

Trivial Pursuit woes

The Big Comfy Couch! (Anyone remember that show?)
Misty and Jenny!

Our little party animal

Sunday we forgot to set our alarms and slept right through church...oops. We watched the service online and vegged out most of the afternoon. We did get slightly productive and took on a small project we have had on the to-do list. I will blog about our latest creation later on in the week. We decided to go to Chili's for the second Sunday night in a row for a quick bite to eat, and about 5 minutes after we were seated, the Haby's were seated right behind us. It was totally unplanned, but we had a nice impromptu double date! It was a great way to end another perfect weekend.

Daddy/daughter stare-down. I absolutely adore these two!
 Happy Monday!

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