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Jenny's Toy Box

Parker had some scrap wood left over from a project he helped our friend Troy with, so we brainstormed different things he could build for fun. Naturally all of our thoughts center around Jenny, and I suggested making her a toy box. We decided to go with the idea, and it turned into a really fun little project!

Parker has gotten really good at this whole building thing, so the entire box was constructed within an hour. We liked the idea of it looking similar to an old shipping crate, and that became the inspiration for the design.

Once Parker was finished constructing the box, I took it inside and painted Jenny's name on it. We put a clear protective coat on the entire thing since the wood wasn't treated, and voila! Jenny now has her own little toy box for all of her toys scraps of fabric that used to be toys.

Of course, Jenny is not impressed...

1 comment :

Emily Stewart said...

why are you guys so crafty! love it and i'm sure jenny is impressed in her own puppy way :)


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