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Home Is Where The Dog Is

Jenny wasn't at the house all day yesterday, and we just didn't feel complete. She was due for her annual check-up, shots, etc, so I made her a vet appointment. Our vet seriously overbooks, so we have waited over an hour before even though we had an appointment for a certain time. The vet does a great job, but time management is not his thing. They let you drop the dog off and pick them up whenever you need if you can't stay for the appointment. I can't take a three hour lunch break, so I had to drop her off that morning and pick her up after work at 5:00. For a little extra, she got to go next door to puppy play care and hang out with the other pups in between her vet visit. Needless to say, she had a fine day. Something was missing at home though. I work from home, and Parker's flight was cancelled due to weather, so he was home all day too. The house felt SO empty! Walking into the living room and not seeing her lounging on the couch or sitting by the window waiting to chase a squirrel was so unfamiliar and a little depressing. We both kept commenting on how we missed our pup! Parker and I don't have any kids yet, but we are a family of three. Jenny is so much a part of us that it's hard to imagine how it was before we adopted her 2 years ago.

I can't imagine our lives without Jenny. She brightens up our world and brings us so much joy. Coming home after any time away at all is always a happy thing because we are greeted at the door with the waggiest tail and biggest Jenny kisses. Home without her just isn't home!

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Emily Stewart said...

Love that Jenny girl! I definitely know what you mean about the house feeling off without the pup. Love all the pictures :)


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