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One Year Florida-versary!

One year ago today, we left all we knew in Texas for a new adventure in Pensacola, Florida. Looking back, it couldn't have been a more blessed year. We created a new normal for ourselves and Jenny, made great, lasting friendships, and have grown so much in our relationship with God and each other. Though I still get homesick and have a hard time dealing with the separation from our families sometimes, we have learned to appreciate the time we get to spend with them and modern technology (thanks Skype and Facetime). There is a good chance we won't be here much longer, so I want to describe some of the highlights over the past year in pictures. Here it goes! (Warning: there are a lot of pictures!)

January 28th- Flew home for Travis & Michelle's wedding!

Toured Fort Barancas and climbed to the top of the lighthouse on base
Toured the Naval Aviation Museum (3 times)
February 14th- Received this beautiful commissioned drawing of our proposal from Parker for Valentine's Day/my birthday
February 14th- Danielle and I got to spend our 23rd birthday together!
Double dates and hangouts with Danielle and Logan
March 16th- Flew home to Texas to see Kim & Justin tie the knot!
April 8th- Celebrated Easter with the Gunters and Calabrettas!
May 11th- Parker's Flight Suit Friday!
May 11th- Grandma Pat and Grandpa Harley came to visit!
May 28th- Memorial Day fishing trip
Jami and Will came to visit!
June 12th- Celebrated Parker's 23rd birthday with friends
June 23rd- Celebrated our anniversary by going ziplining!
June 26th- We have been married 1 year!
Countless beach days
July 5th- Happy 2nd birthday, Jenny!
July 6th- Parker's parents came to visit!
July 27th- Met my family for a weekend in New Orleans!

August 11th- Vacationed with my extended family in Destin!
August 24th- Flew to Texas for Stephen and Lacey's wedding
August 25th- Drove to College Station to see Bree!
Began the trend of getting together with friends every weekend to watch the Aggies BTHO whoever they played!
October 13th- Spent the day with Leigh in Orange Beach, Al!
October 13th- Navy Ball 2012
October 27th- Drove to Auburn with friends to watch the Aggies play!
November 10th- Met Chelsea and friends in Panama City to celebrate her 24th birthday!
November 12th- Rescued Darla and found her forever home. You can read her story here
Took family Christmas pictures with the Stewart's
Thanksgiving with Parker's family!
Thanksgiving with my family!
December 6th- Parker's first solo in the T-6!
December 8th- Co-hosted a Christmas Party at our house with the Needles'!
Our family Christmas!
Christmas with my family!
Christmas with Parker's family!
January 10th- Parker's tie-cutting!
If you made it through that, kudos to you!

This list doesn't include countless movie nights, dinner dates, game nights with friends, and just the little stuff that makes up our daily lives. Looking back on our year in Florida, I feel nothing but blessed and truly undeserving of all God has given us. As always, I can't wait to see what the future holds!

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