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Thursday Randoms

So none of these things really deserve their own post, but here are a few updates on our little lives!

  • I posted last week that our landlord is having to short sale our house, and there is a good chance we will have to move out before our time in Florida is over. (You can view that post here.) Long story short, we haven't heard anything from our landlord. At this point, I am thinking no news is good news, so I don't really want to push my luck and ask for updates. Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperating for Parker to fly. He has been cancelled every day this week, but the weather Friday looks promising, so fingers crossed! These weather delays definitely are not helping our chances of getting to stay here until we move. Either way, I am really at peace with the situation and know that God will work things out in accordance to His plan, whatever that might be.
  • When I came home Saturday afternoon, Jenny was in a very different state than how I left her. She and Parker had a little adventure through the woods, and they both had a blast! Just take a look...

That's a happy girl right there!
  • I held a PR event at NAS Pensacola Monday night for my company, goWiFi (we provide Wi-Fi for Navy bases worldwide). Typically I am not super keen on having to do these events because I hate not being home to cook Parker dinner and hang out, but I forget that this is actually one of the aspects of my job I enjoy most. I like talking with different people who use our service and getting their feedback. We always have a big platter of Subway cookies at these events, and I must say, it's quite a perk.
I only ate two all night, and I thought I deserved a medal for exhibiting even that amount of self-control
  • The weekend is almost here. Need I say more?  I'll leave you with this attractive picture for the day.
So ready to spend another perfect weekend with this cutie!


Emily Stewart said...

You only had two cookies?! That is impressive. Kudos, Phelps!

Chelsea Phelps said...

I am glad you realize how hard that was! haha


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