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Our Proposal

I've decided to recap different aspects of our wedding over the next few weeks that I want to remember. We have been married over a year and a half, so there are already so many little details that I've forgotten. I figured I might as well start with the proposal, so here is our story:

Parker and I have been together since our freshman year of college. We knew within 8-9 months that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other, but we also knew that we felt too young to be engaged or married at age 19 or 20. We had talked about it a lot, and I knew the proposal was going to happen between the beginning of senior year (August 2010) and Christmas 2010 because our plan was to get married that following summer. I still thought we were a few months away, so the day it happened (August 28th) was a complete surprise!

I received an email early in the week from the CO of Parker's regiment that there would be a dinner that Saturday evening for all of the COs and XOs of each outfit. The email requested that all of the girlfriends attend as well. I got excited because I was going to get dressed up but didn't think any more of it. The first part of Parker's plan was smart for two reasons: there was no dinner, but he had Robbie (CO of 2nd regiment) write the email since I would be able to tell Parker's writing style. He also included both COs and XOs. Logan was the XO, meaning Danielle would need to get dressed up and be there too. Smartie.

That Friday, my little in DG and one of my best friends, Jami, took me to get my nails done. I had no idea why, but I was all for some girl time and relaxation after a busy week of sorority recruitment. Saturday, Parker told me he was in meetings all day and wouldn't be able to see me until the dinner that evening (lies- he really was just too afraid he would say something to give away the surprise), so I hung out by the pool with my friends. That evening I got all dressed up in a new dress I had recently bought and waited for Parker to come pick me up for dinner. He finally called me to say he was running behind and was really frustrated and needed me to come pick him up so we wouldn't be late. At that point, I had a small idea. Things like the fact that I had gotten my nails done and the fact that I had to come pick him up were starting to seem suspicious, but I didn't really fully know.

I arrived to the place I always met Parker to pick him up, and instead of Parker, it was two sophomores from his outfit, Danielle, and Michael Brau (one of his juniors). Right away, I knew. Danielle started crying as soon as she saw me and nodded her head when I gave her the "Is this for real?" look, and the two sophomores jumped in my car and drove it to the nearest parking garage. Michael Brau and Danielle then escorted me to the Century Tree. All of our friends and family were there to watch, which made it incredibly special. When I saw Parker for the first time, I lost it. He was so handsome, and everything was so perfect.

I walked through the sabre arch to Parker, and he handed me a single yellow rose, which was significant to us. He sat me down on the bench and knelt down on one knee. He had a beautiful speech prepared about what he loves about me and how much he loves me. Then he said the words I had been waiting to hear. "Chelsea Victoria Benner, will you marry me?" Through tears I said yes, and he placed the most beautiful ring I had ever seen on my finger. It was perfect!

Our families and friends whooped and cheered, and we had a few moments to ourselves underneath the Century Tree. We then walked back through the sabre arch to our loved ones as an engaged couple!

Seeing so many people who love and care for us completely warms my heart
We took pictures and went to dinner to celebrate at Mr. G's, an old pizzeria in Bryan that is special to us. Everything about the proposal was perfect and straight out of a fairytale!

Delta Gammas!

All of the people involved in the sabre arch

Parker and his buddies!

The future Mr. and Mrs. Parker Phelps!

I am a cheeseball and made a little video from the pictures of our proposal right after we got engaged. You can watch it here.


Emily Stewart said...

Your face is so sweet because you look so surprised/happy/everything :) Love you guys!

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

OMG girl!!! What an engagement! So thought out…the arch was just gorgeous and you looked fabulous! WHat a memory!

Katherine Newsom said...

This is too sweet! I love how thought out and detailed he was. One of Marshall's buddies got engaged under the Century Tree too only a few months after you (Oct)! How crazy, who knows, I might have even witessed it - Its too special to watch Century Tree proposals (and hear about them!) :)

Jamie Hart said...

How priceless! I love how it was planned!! Especially since all your loved ones were able to be there! And the video was perfect!!

The Life You Love said...

I can't believe I didn't see this before! This is absolutely amazing! I even teared up!

Tammy Jo said...

A friend of mine proposed to his wife on Kyle Field he had a video of them play on the jumbo tron, he played football at A&M

Jen Mc said...

Wow! Seriously teary eyed here. Beautiful!

Brianna said...

What!! This is adorable! How special :)

PS sorry that I'm stalking your blog right now hahaha

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I just came across your blog today and I love reading love/proposal stories. This story is so sweet!! :-)

Amanda Patten said...

Such a cute way to propose, how romantic and such a surprise, just came across your blog and cant wait to read more, come check my blog out!!

Elizabeth (anchortales.com) said...

I saw your post today that linked to this and what a cute story!!! Most amazing proposal ever! I love your blog, girl!


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