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Texas Residents Once Again

Greetings from the newest residents of Kingsville, Texas! I know everyone is probably getting so sick of all my moving posts, but that's our life right now so I want to be sure to document! We arrived in The Woodlands where my parents live Friday afternoon, drove to Texas A&M in College Station Friday night, drove back to The Woodlands Saturday afternoon, and drove to our new home in Kingsville Sunday. We spent 17 hours in the car this weekend, and let's just say it's good to finally be home. I just called Kingsville home, and that's a little strange. I guess I'll just have to get used to it! Being back on Texas soil feels so good.

I got so excited when I saw this sign!

I'll do a separate post on this weekend because it was so eventful, but for now, we are setting up our new life in Kingsville, Tx! This was the last picture of team Phelps in Florida taken in front of our old house. The guy that bought our house had a repairman there to replace some doors the morning we left, so I solicited said repairman to take a picture of us. No shame- I wanted the picture!

Happy Monday everyone!


Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Hello from a former Navy wife! I saw your button in someone's sidebar and of course had to click. Hope this PCS is going well for you thus far! My hubby is on the civilian side of the defense world now but our 6 years in the Navy took us to South Carolina and Connecticut (and he spent a short time in Pensacola).

Susannah said...

I get others to take my hubby and my picture all the time! I love that you had your repair man do it. :-)

Emily Stewart said...

so glad you guys made it safe :) i'm sure milton is missing the heck out of us and sadly, the feeling may be a little mutual. hooray for changes though!

Simply D Constructed said...

Hello! I was stalking your blog and came across this post and I just had to leave a comment. My husband's parents live in the Woodlands! One day we will make our move from North Carolina to The Woodlands as well. Not sure if you're still in Texas, as this post was in May (need to read up a little).

Anyway, just wanted to say hi!

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