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Life Lately

Happy Thursday! It's life lately today on this little blog...

Thursday evening, we had the pleasure of hanging out with some family friends from San Diego! Parker gave everyone a tour of the hangar and the C-2 before we grabbed a bite to eat. Pictured below is Parker with Commander Wally MacLeod, who came into town for a reunion. 90 years old and the coolest guy! 

Wally told us he wanted seafood and remembered a great place with picnic benches from the 60s that he used to frequent. While we were fairly certain the place he remembered didn't still exist, we did find a great seafood restaurant with picnic benches- winning!

Saturday, Parker had to fly again (womp womp womp), but I had the best day with some of my favorite girls here! There was a neat wine festival going on with different wine, food, and shopping to sample. While the boys are away...

Saturday evening was a much needed date night! We are the boring old married couple who wants nothing more than to go to dinner and a movie together. We hit up a local sushi house before seeing Black Mass. Honestly, we really didn't care for the movie at all. It was so well cast and well done and will likely win a slew of awards, but I just didn't enjoy it. I need to laugh at movies!

Saturday also happened to be national "Talk-like-a-pirate-and-get-a-free-donut" day at Krispy Kreme. If you dressed like a pirate, you got a free dozen. I rarely eat donuts but would eat them every day if they weren't so terrible for me, so this was such a nice treat. We went to collect our free donut after the movie and practiced our pirate voices on the car ride over. Parker nailed it. Me, not so much. After quite possibly the worst pirate impression that ever was, we got our free donuts!

Sunday was of course the airshow, which ended up being a blast. Blue Angels, C-2s, and sunburns. Minus the sunburn, it was a great day hanging out with my favorite pilot.

Monday evening was spent celebrating the wonderful leader of our squadron spouse group before she leaves. I am really fortunate Parker was assigned to a squadron with such an awesome group of wives!

And of course, it wouldn't be a life lately post without a little update on Jenny. Here she is on one of her daily walks staring at the ducks. I need to bring a book next time because she would sit there and watch them all day if I let her. We let her swim after them on the rare occasion since we know she will never catch them. A great swimmer, she is not.

That's life lately! 


Life As The Coats said...

I love that you have a great group of ladies to hang out with when Parker isn't around. So lucky!! Also, I love your outfit at the wine festival, so cute!!

Bailey Kay said...

Wally is so adorable! I just want to give him a hug!!!

Semper Ag said...

Now I want a vlog of you and Parker talking like pirates

Jen said...

You always wear the cutest outfits, I love your wardrobe!

Melzie at Ribbons and Rotor Blades said...

Having a close group of wives saves me time and time again. When Nick is gone, it's hard because I just want to fly home and be with my family. But having those women make it much easier. I'm glad you've found that too :)
Haha oh Jenny. We let our dogs chase and swim after the geese in the lake behind our house. Vino is an amazing swimmer but clearly not as great as the birds made for water so she never catches them. But it never stops her from trying lol


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