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Like any girl, I had my bridesmaids picked out before Parker even proposed (I think that's fairly normal...maybe?). Each of these ladies got to watch our love story unfold as we dated and got engaged, so I was so excited to ask them to stand next to me as I said "I do" to the man of my dreams. I knew I wanted to ask them in a special way because they all meant so much to me for different reasons. I decided to write each of them a letter telling them why I love them and how much I value our friendship. I also gave each of them a different wedding movie as a fun little gift.

Danielle- Maid of Honor
If you have known me for longer than .25 seconds, you know I have a twin sister that I am incredibly close to. There was never any doubt in my mind that she would be my Maid of Honor. We have been through so much together, and to this day, she knows me in a way that no one else ever will. From woomies to roomies to best friends, she has been with me through it all, and there is no one else I would have rather had by my side. Fun fact, Danielle was not yet engaged when I asked her to be my MOH, but since her wedding was a month and a half before mine, she actually ended up being my matron of honor. For her movie, I gave her Made of Honor. That was fairly obvious, huh?

She said yes!

Natalie- Bridesmaid
Natalie is my younger sister by four years, but I look up to her in far more ways than I do most people older than me. She has always had such a heart for God and such a compassion for people. She is one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever known, and I was so honored to have her there with me on our wedding day. I gave her the movie The Wedding Planner.

Faith- Bridesmaid
Faith is my youngest sister and is so much fun to be with. She is extremely considerate of others, but she is the life of the party and always has us laughing. There was a six year age gap growing up, but I am so thankful that now that we are older, we have a solid friendship. She's a mature 17, and I can talk to her about anything. She was the perfect little bridesmaid. For her movie, I gave her The Princess Bride.

Breanna- Bridesmaid
Breanna is Parker's sister and now mine as well. I always tell people I hit the in-law jackpot, and that includes inheriting another wonderful, perfect sister. Bree is so sweet to everyone she meets, and she has an energy and kindness that makes everyone want to be around her. I am so blessed for the relationship I have with her and that I got her as a sister. Her wedding movie was Wedding Crashers!

Jami- Bridesmaid
I think Jami might have been the reason I was supposed be a Delta Gamma. She is my little in our sorority, and we just clicked instantly. It was my job to be her mentor and to help her through her first year as a DG, but we developed such a tight friendship that I so deeply cherish. Even though we live far apart now, I know I can call her at the drop of a hat, and we pick up right where we left off when we do get to see each other. I am so blessed to call this girl one of my best friends. Jami's movie was My Best Friend's Wedding.

Whitney- Bridesmaid
Whitney was one of my first friends in Delta Gamma and to this day still one of my closest friends. She has such a kind and Godly heart and is just so much fun to be around. She has always been there for both Danielle and me, and I really value her friendship. We got to share an apartment senior year, and I have some of the best memories of just sitting on each others' floor and having girl time. Whit's movie was My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Anna- Bridesmaid
Anna and I had so much fun together in college. We lived together at the sorority house our junior year and had an absolute blast. She cares so much for other people and has the most infectious personality. I am so thankful that she was a DG as well and wish I got to see her more often! For her movie, I gave her Wedding Date.

House Party/Flower Girl
I had a few other friends that I really wanted to have a part in the wedding, so I had a house party. Kim, Kennedy, Amanda, Juli, and Taylor were in my house party, and I am so thankful that they had a part in our wedding! My cousins Amanda and Blake also had a part, and Parker's sweet cousin Ella was our flower girl!

 So blessed to have these girls then and now!


Mary said...

I love how you gave each of them a wedding movie! What a great idea! Thanks for linking up!!!

Kristyn said...

I love the movie idea! That is such a great way to ask them to be bridesmaids! I love that!

Thanks so much for linking up!

Anonymous said...

Aww Love it!! I wished I had gotten pictures of me and my girls as I was asking them! Oh well! Lol! The movie idea was so good!!

Shoshanah said...

I love the idea of giving each girl a movie. What a great idea!

And while I've never seen a house party in real life, I have heard of them before, and think their an awesome idea. I'd love to see one in real life, although considering all the ones I've seen have been from Texas girls (including you it seems!) I might just need to crash a wedding in Texas!


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