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Always Dating

Somehow during packing up our lives for our big move in 2 days, I had a chance to glance at a calendar and realized today is May 1st! I think this day will forever be ingrained in my brain because 5 years ago today, Parker and I started dating. I don't have a sweet mushy gushy story about how he asked me to be his girlfriend in a hot air balloon or we shared a plate of spaghetti and had a Lady & the Tramp moment, but on this day 5 years ago, our story began.

So I started thinking. Now that we are married, we don't really celebrate this day as an anniversary anymore, and I think that's normal. However, there was something so sweet about those first few years and celebrating our anniversary on May 1st. When Parker and I took vows and said "till death do us part", we meant it with whole-hearted conviction. No matter what happens, it's us to the end. With dating, things were obviously a little lighter. We were together three years before we got married, and each May 1st we celebrated meant we were still together and things were going in a more long-term direction. I knew early on that Parker was the one, and he knew that I was the one, but we still wanted to enjoy the dating phase of our relationship. I know so many friends who just want to be married, and marriage is awesome, but I would never wish away the dating phase. All of those firsts are so special!

Even though we are married and coming up on our second wedding anniversary, Parker and I always try to keep dating. Marriage is an absolute blast, but it's also a lot of work, and anyone that tells you differently is lying. It's fun work, but it's work and can be trying at times. Making time for each other is so important. We still love going on date nights and learning new things about each other. Whether it's dinner and a movie or game night, we try to make sure we make time for dating. Last night we opened a questionably old bottle of wine and ate chocolate since the Navy won't move those things, and it was the perfect little date night in. It doesn't matter what the date is, but I think dating is such an important part of marriage. So in honor of our 5th dating anniversary, here are some throwback pictures from those first few years together.

What do you do in your relationship to make sure you're always dating?? I'd love to hear! :)


Emily Stewart said...

I make Ryan buy me presents errrday! Ok kidding. This post is so precious and you two are the sweetest of them all. Butttt, is it sad that I was immediately drawn to your bangs and how cute they were?! Just thought I'd let you know!

And, I agree with you, dating your husband is the best and it's super important to keep things fun! Date nights are the best :)

Susannah said...

It is SO important to keep dating our hubbys. That's how we keep the spark alive. :-) Congrats on five years, girl! :-)

Mom/Kelly said...

True advice from my wise daughter! Keep those dates going!

Grandma Pat said...

Even grandparents need to date once in a while. It should be easier now that we are retired but we are BUSY and your sharing is a good reminder of the importance.
Grandma Pat

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

ya'll are too cute.

Jackie said...

I think dating is important even after engagement and marriage. I hope to date T for forever :) Thanks for stopping by the bloghop!

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