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Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Has anyone ever heard of that song?

Make new friends, 
but keep the old.
One is silver, 
and the other gold.

My Nana sang that to me all the time growing up, and I have had the silly little jingle in my head these past few days in light of the move. Parker looked at me like I was a crazy person when I sang it for him and asked if he had heard it. Maybe it's not so common.

Anyway, as you read this, we are making our way to the great state of Texas! Parker and I are both from Texas and sooooooo excited to be headed to Kingsville for a year. We are biased, but we are so in love with our state. Amidst all the excitement, we can sum up this move in one word: bittersweet. If you would have told me 16 months ago when we got here that I would be sad to leave, I would have found that a little hard to believe. We knew very few people down here, and we were farther away from our families than we ever had been before. However, the amazing people we have met over the past year have made our time in Florida nothing short of an absolute blessing. We've already had to say goodbye to a lot of our close friends, and saying goodbye to even more has been hard. I'm such a sap and not the biggest fan of change, so it's hard to imagine not seeing these people every weekend. With the families so far away, your Navy friends kind of become your family. I'm so blessed to know the people we met here will be friends for life. We had our goodbye dinner at Chili's (seemed only fitting since we are mildly obsessed) and we loved having all of our friends together one last time!

The Navy packed us up Wednesday, loaded us up Thursday, and we had the daunting task of cleaning the entire house Thursday afternoon. It was so weird seeing the giant moving truck at our house. Is this actually happening?

We had a little downtime and enjoyed some nice family togetherness. Jenny was not impressed by all this moving stuff.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are excited to be on Texas soil and out of the car! I'll be driving carefully- I have precious cargo! :)


Victoria said...

It's so sad to say goodbye but how awesome is it to make such close friends in so little time! I am going to feel the same way in September! I am already getting a little anxious of leaving friends. The Navy (military in general) has given me family that I wouldnt have had before! So excited yall are getting to go somewhere you like! Have a fun road trip! Love your pup!

Susannah said...

I definitely know that song. :-) I sing it to my hubby sometimes too. Haha. Good luck on your move. I'm sure you'll make some wonderful, lifelong friends. :-)

Sam said...

Loved reading this post!! We just moved to Pensacola last weekend (my husband is in the Marine Corps and waiting to start flight school) and we don't know anyone! It was really hard to leave Quantico and all of the friends we made to move here and not know anyone but I am glad to see that people make friends quickly down here once school picks up!

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