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Making Lemonade Out Of Those Lemons

Thursday afternoon we were SO excited for a little weekend getaway to San Antonio. I don't know about yall, but we love staying in hotels and being typical tourists in different places. San Antonio is only 2.5 hours away from our house, so we got the vacation without the long car ride.

 Score! Or so we thought. This is how our evening went down:

Left Kingsville.
Drove an hour and a half, stopped to eat BBQ. Meat was delicious, sides were disappointing for this side-loving girl.
Drove another hour and arrived at the base we were staying at.
Tried to check into base hotel. Realized we were at the wrong base. 
Drove 40 minutes to the other San Antonio base. 
Tried to check into new base hotel. We were at the wrong hotel. 
Took 20 minutes to navigate to the other base hotel three minutes away.
Finally arrived, exhausted.
Promised each other tomorrow would be better.

So it wasn't the most fun start to a vacation. It's easy to get frustrated with each other in these kinds of situations. It's easy to place blame on the one who messed up the directions or the one who led us to the wrong base. But really, what good would that do? Instead, we were on a road trip getting to spend time with each other. We had dinner, we listened to music, and we caught up on life. It was a good reminder to enjoy the simple moments. It would have been nice to get to the hotel earlier and just chill and relax, but we were also given some uninterrupted quality time, and when you're with your best friend, it's always such a gift. Thursday was a nice reminder to just enjoy the simple things (and double check the directions next time :)).


Anonymous said...

That's great that you enjoyed the simple moments, even when they were a little chaotic! And yes, always check the directions! :)

Nicole said...

It still sounds like fun. You will laugh about these mistakes for years.

Grandma Pat said...

I am so impressed hat you can make lemonade out of lemons. God bless you both. Love, Grandma Pat

mom/Kelly said...

That's my girl!! :)

Lauren said...

That's awesome that together y'all were happy!! I can say from experience that Justin and I often do the first part (blame each other) instead of looking at it as a blessing to spend more time together!! :)


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