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January Goals

Well hello, 2016! I asked Parker if he could believe it was already 2016, and he responded "I still can't believe it's already 2015! Weren't we just in college?". Preach it, husband. My thoughts exactly. Even though January 1st is just another calendar day and really no different from May 15th (the first arbitrary date that popped into my head), there is something fun about setting goals and starting fresh in the new year.

Fun fact: Our pastor at church told us this past Sunday that, based on research from 2015, the most common new years resolution is to get healthy/lose weight/etc. The second most common is to develop a deeper relationship with God. The first was a given, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn the latter. 

I loved doing monthly goals last year and am excited to keep the trend going in 2016. Goals are good, goals are fun, and writing them down for the interwebs seems to keep me accountable. 

But before we get to my January goals, let's see how December's goals went...

Watch 5 Christmas movies... check! I watched The Grinch, Love Actually, The Christmas Card, A Christmas Kiss, and Elf. 

Work-out at least 3 times a week... check! It was touch and go the week after Christmas, but I managed to get the work-outs in semi-regularly. I am so excited to be back home in my normal work-out routine!

Bless someone... check! We love this tradition that Parker's family does where we each get a set amount of money and choose someone to bless with it. It's always fun to hear what everyone chooses to do. 

Host a Christmas party... check! I hosted the squadron wives for a Christmas party/white elephant. 

Savor every moment... checkish. I could have been better about this the day or two before we went back home because we were ready to be back in our house with our dog and in our little routine, but I think we both did a good job of treasuring the time we had and spending good quality time with our families in Texas. 

And now for January!

Get 10,000 steps 6 out of 7 days of each week. I just got a new fitbit, and the competitve part of me wants to get the 10,000 step checkmark before going to bed each night. Fun fact: we read the fitbit app was the most downloaded app the week after Christmas. Apparently a lot of people are going to be working on their 10,000 steps!

Paint the house. Or at least get the ball rolling. We have been wanting to paint our house since before moving in, and we have used time, money, and pure laziness as reasons not to do it. No more waiting. Time to pick a color (so daunting) and paint this house!

Read the book of Philippians. I want to make an effort to dive into the Bible more, and I'm excited to start with Philippians.

Update the recipes tab on my blog. I gave it a new look and updated it back in August, but I haven't added any recipes to the list since. I post a new recipe each week, so I have quite a few to add to the list to catch up. I don't know if anyone even looks at those, but the OCD in me needs it to be complete. 

Make an appointment to get a retainer. This is a random one, but I stopped wearing my retainer after I got my braces off, and I can tell me teeth are starting to move. My teeth were absolutely terrible pre orthodontics, and I don't want to negate 4 years of braces just because I stopped wearing my retainer. My old one doesn't really fit anymore thanks to the slight teeth shift, so I need to just suck it up and get a new one.

Goals goals goals! Does anyone have any fun new year's resolutions they are working towards?


Kate Mitchell said...

I love how you do monthly goals! My goal right now is to finish draft 1 of novel 2 before I go back to school on the 21st, so hopefully that means that 2016 will be the year I finish novel 2 completely. Also, I definitely need to develop a closer relationship with God. Because attending church is so difficult for me because of my health stuff, I need to be more intentional about my relationship with Him outside of church. I pray all the time - like, multiple times a day - but I still don't feel as connected with Him as I could.

Emilie Schario said...

I just posted my January goals on BurkeDoes.com today too! I totally agree that posting them makes me way more accountable! Sounds like you were mostly successful in December! Good luck with January!

Melissa said...

I think monthly goals are so important! My husband got a FitBit from his soldiers this year, and I love watching him work to hit those 10,000 steps. I still need to figure out my new Garmin O.o

Jen said...

I love the idea of monthly goals, I think they are much easier to accomplish. :)

Unknown said...

Your monthly goals are great! I use to do them, but saw how easy it was to fall off the bandwagon. I've set goals for the year, so for me I feel like baby steps are better than no steps.

Good luck with your monthly goals!

Janelle Cook said...

I love the monthly goals. I'm going to incorporate them into my blog this year too! :)

Bailey Kay said...

My retainer still fits so I should probably wear it, although it hurts when I wear it which means my teeth are shifting. I have a whole blog post about my January goals that I will publish sometime between now and February lol

Brianna said...

LOVE these goals! And kudos to completing your December goals. It's seriously difficult to regularly workout that last week of the year after so much fun, food, family, and laziness. But good for you for sticking with it!

Emily Stewart said...

As weird as it is, ditto the retainer! My teeth have shifted so much and I need to just break down and go get fitted for a new year but I'm always finding reasons not to. Picking out house colors does seem daunting but I'm sure it'll look great. #adulting Hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year's with the fam, friend! :)

Anonymous said...

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