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27 Thoughts On The First 27 Years

My birthday is this weekend! Birthdays are just plain fun. 27 years have come and gone, so in light of this, I thought it would be fun to share 27 thoughts on my first 27 years of life!

1. Seeing Taylor Swift in concert was one of the best experiences of my life. I love me some TSwift!

2. One of my favorite parts of going home for Christmas is seeing my Pooh Bear stocking. Parents, you better never get rid of those Disney stockings. Please and thank you. 

3. Wishing away your college years is the worst thing you could do. They are pure magic.

4. I stopped being able to eat whatever I wanted without any effect on my weight at approximately 17 years old. And what a wonderful first 17 years that was.

5. I am really glad I didn't grow up in the smart phone era. Getting that first phone in 8th grade with the snake game was awesome.

6. Body wash may be the current trend but doesn't soap just work better?

7. I'd like to thank all of the terribly boring novels I had to read in high school for turning me off of books for 8 years.

8. FRIENDS is and always will be the greatest show I ever watch. Period. End of story.

9. High school prom isn't this pivotal, life-altering thing like it's cracked up to be, but I think everyone should go anyway.

10. Blogging is now a huge part of my life. When I was in high school, I didn't even know what a blog was. I'm not sure if the rest of the world did either. Funny how that works.

11. I will always have a love/hate relationship with technology. It's so great. I just wish I could understand how to use it.

12. I wonder what my personality would have been like without the influence of Chandler Bing? I guess I'll never know.

13. I am still proud of being named "Most Organized" in 8th grade by my teachers. Teachers pet, party of one. Then I broke UIL rules and switched places with my twin at her track meet, so I suppose that's a wash.

14. If you would have told me when I was little that I would have one dog when I grew up and love her more than most humans, I would have told you that you must be confusing me for my twin sister. I was a cat person as a kid. She is the one that loved dogs.

15. I don't understand why everyone is in such a hurry to get out of high school. Do they not realize they may never have summers off EVER AGAIN?

16. The sun is the greatest natural antidepressant in the world. It's almost impossible for me to have a bad day when it's beautiful outside. The TV show FRIENDS is probably the second greatest.

17. I wish I could go back and tell my 8 year old self to be nice to my little sisters.

18. You know how a lot of older people just sit there in silence with far off wonderment? I am starting to get that. Nostalgia is real, and sometimes I find myself sitting there and just thinking about the previous days and years. 27 going on 85, apparently.

19. I was pretty naive in high school and completely oblivious to the fact that many of my peers were drinking, doing drugs, and having sex. Seriously, I had no idea.

20. Losing touch with friends is really sad. In a perfect world, we would all live in the same place and stay best friends forever and ever.

21. As I get older, all I want to do is travel. It feels like there is a great big world out there of which I have seen so little.

22. It's amazing how many stores were cool when we are kids that we never shop at now. Claire's, Limited Too, and Hollister, we had a good run.

23. Crows feet... go away.

24. My hair will always be straight and flat, and I have finally come to terms with this. Straight hair, don't care. Except I'm jealous of all of the curly heads out there.

25. I think I reached true adulthood at age 24, when it became more exciting to buy decorations for my house than clothes.

26. My favorite car ever to drive is my first car, my dad's old 2000 Nissan Maxima, that I had from 2005-2007.

27. The greatest birthday present I have ever received arrived in the world exactly 42 minutes after I did. I love being a twin more than anything.


Jen @ South in the City said...

Happy birthday!! And I have to agree Friends is the Best.Show.Ever!!!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday! And I agree about not wishing away the college years - I miss them!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Happy birthday weekend!!

Emily Stewart said...

Yes to the crows feet! It just makes us seasoned though! :) Happy early birthday, friend!

Bailey Kay said...

Happy early birthday!!!

Tammy Jo said...

I love this!! Happy early Birthday!!!!

Kait said...

Happy Birthday weekend!

Semper Ag said...

This is great!!! Imagine all the reflecting I am doing at 31 in college with 21ish-something year olds nowadays!!! Talk about perspective! Lol

Erica @ Whimsical September said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have a fun weekend!

Laura Darling said...

I always think how glad I am I didn't grow up in the smart phone era either! I was content with "maze" on the hand-me-down desktop we had!! My how times have changed! :) Happy birthday!

Jen said...

haha yes to #7, it ruined me for reading!

Janelle Cook said...

This was super fun to read, and I agree with SO many of them!

Lisa C said...

Hope you had a happy birthday! And graduating from college is highly overrated.

Stephanie said...

Obviously I am way late, but still Happy Birthday Month! I didn't get a phone until college, so you had me beat in 8th grade! I am so glad social media wasn't a thing when I was growing up!


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